A New Era of Collaboration: A Need for New Processes 


steelXML drawing


The construction industry is changing and evolving. Collaborative Delivery Methods such as Integrated Project Delivery, Design-Build and Design-Assist are becoming more common and the requirement and need to exchange and share information and knowledge is growing. As such, project teams need to develop new ways to share data among distributed team members and organizations.

Within the structural steel industry, technological advances of software, machinery and robotics places us at the edge of a new era of even more automation and efficiency. Evolving the way we exchange data within our own domain will be key to taking advantage of these changes.

AISC's BIMsteel initiatives aim to help the industry take advantage of these opportunities by developing new processes and improved methods of data transfer and sharing such that we achieve the potential this new era promises.

Current, ongoing or conceptual BIMsteel initiatives are listed below. Please contact us with any questions.


AISC Interoperability Strategy

  • The new AISC Interoperability Strategy was announced in Fall 2011. The strategy will undergo regular review and will be updated when and where necessary.
  • Status: Complete, but always evolving

AISC Steel Information Delivery Manual (IDM)

  • An information delivery manual is the first step in developing any workflow based data exchange. It becomes the instruction manual describing what data is to be exchanged, when, why and between who (and what software)
  • Status: Complete, but will evolve. The final documentation will be submitted to the National BIM Standard-United States (NBIMS-US) V3 Publications website

Automating Steel Fabrication

  • Integrating BIM into the fabrication process to save time, increase efficiency and improve accuracy
  • Status: Phase one complete; phase two in progress

Shop Model Review

  • Integrating BIM into the review and approval process
  • Status: Educational - workshops in progress around the country

Model Sharing: Design to Detailing

  • Improving collaboration between designers and fabricators through better BIM based data exchanges
  • Status: Being led by Fiatech - view the progress at the Georgia Tech web portal

steelXML: A better way to buy steel

  • Improving the way steel is quoted, procured, delivered and managed
  • Status: steelXML; an industry standard XML schema is available for implementation

Joist and Deck Specification

  • Determining how joist and deck should be defined and specified at the various stages of the design and fabrication process. This will be done by recommending standard Levels of Development of the joist and deck elements in a model and by also providing detailed planning guides to help users understand what to expect when utilizing joist and deck in their Building Information Models (BIMs).
  • Status: In planning within the Steel Joist Institute and Steel Deck Institute


AISC Technology Integration Committee mission:

"Integrate Technology to Revolutionize the Structural Steel Supply Chain"

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