SteelDay Marketing Materials, Downloads and Links

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Note: Some of the downloads are quite large. if you have difficulty downloading, don't hesitate to contact us.


Download the SteelDay Reference Guide for Hosts   Create your own SteelDay Flyer
Download Logos & Posters    
  *SteelDay and the SteelDay logo(s) are trademarks of American Institute of Steel Construction or its licensors. AISC members, partners and affiliates may use them with permission in connection with the promotion of SteelDay events (subject to AISC's trademark usage guidelines). 
Promote Your Event    Get Your Event Proclaimed! 

This zip file contains customizable samples of two letters, a press release and some text for your web site.


This zip file contains four customizable letter samples for sending to various elected officials and for asking for a SteelDay Proclamation. Sample Proclamation text is also included.

Purchase Promotional Items from the SteelDay 'Gift' Shop -    

Important Note about CafePress:

CafePress provides promotional items customizable to suit your needs. We have several items with SteelDay branding that can be purchased in as few or as many quantities as required. In addition, you can customize your own items, by using the SteelDay logos on this page, or your own.

The SteelDay shop can supply items such as golf shirts, t-shirts, coffee/travel mugs, lawn signs, posters/placards, etc. Or feel free to source your own - you don't have to buy from CafePress!


We have strived to ensure our marketing materials are made in the USA. When third party suppliers are involved we cannot always guarantee this is the case. CafePress is based in California with manufacturing facilities in Kentucky. They have assured us that many of their goods are manufactured in the USA, but we cannot guarantee this. CafePress information can be found here. Contact us with any questions.

Help For Your Event - ON THE DAY     
  There are some things you ABSOLUTELY MUST DO during your event, others we'd like you to do and others that you could do if you chose. This document strips it all down to the very basics - use it as your minimum checklist at your event 
  This is an absolutely essential item. Fax (312.896.9022) or email it to us ([email protected]) as soon as possible after your event 
  A brief template to use for opening remarks at your event 
  A template for use at networking events. Use the 'Ask me about___ " section for guests to write something in about themselves. Use Avery® White Adhesive Name Badges 5395, 2-1/3"x3-3/8" 
  A full overview of the industry that can help to answer any questions that may arise on SteelDay
  A summary document of the industry fact sheet and a base line for ensuring we all get the same message out to our guests on SteelDay 

Useful Articles & Links (use on the day as handouts or poster presentations)


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