Engineering FAQs

6.6.4. How should the turn-of-nut method be used?

The 2004 RCSC Specification covers the turn-of-nut method in Section 8.2.1.

At the start of work, the bolt installation crew should demonstrate in a bolt tension calibration device that the routine installation procedure properly establishes both the snug-tight condition and the subsequent rotation required to fully tension the bolts. 

Installation should commence at the tightest part of the joint and progress toward the free edges, both in the initial stage of snug-tightening and the final stage of fully tensioning; several cycles may be needed. Bolt tensioning to the proper final tension may be accomplished with greatest assurance by match-marking the outer face of the nut with the protruding bolt point after the initial snug-tightening operation. 

The inspector should observe the testing of representative samples and verification demonstrations of the method to be used, as well as monitor actual work to assure that the proven method is routinely followed and that all bolts are properly tensioned.

last modified 1 January 2006