Engineering FAQs

2.2.8. To what profile must re-entrant corners, such as corners of beam copes, be shaped?

Re-entrant corners should provide a smooth transition between adjacent surfaces, but generally need not be cut exactly to a circular profile. The recommendation in the the 13th Edition AISC Manual, Part 9, is that an approximate minimum radius of 1/2 in. is acceptable. However, the primary emphasis should be that square-cut corners and corners with significantly smaller radii do not provide the smooth transition that is required. From the 2005 AISC Specification Section J1.6, it is acceptable to provide radius transitions by drilling (or hole sawing) with common-diameter drill sizes (not less than 3/4 in.) as suggested in the 2005 Specification Commentary Figure C-J1.2.

When the corner of a cope has been square-cut, a common solution is to flame-cut additional material at the corner to provide a smooth transition as illustrated in Figure 2.2.8-1. Note that the sides of the cope need not meet the radius transition tangentially. Any notches that occur at re-entrant corners should be repaired as indicated in 2.2.7


last modified 1 January 2006