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American Institute of Steel Construction
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Phone: 312.670.2400
Fax: 312.670.5403

Office Hours are M-F 8:30 a.m. - 4:30 p.m. CT


 For people who need technical assistance,
innovative solutions, or tools to make structural steel design even easier, the Steel Solutions Center is your #1 source of information for structural steel.

Contact the Steel Solutions Center at 866.ASK.AISC

 Awards and Competitions
Designer Awards   Charlie Carter   312.640.5414
Educator Awards  Nancy Gavlin  312.670.5408 
Industry Awards   Angelica Lopez  312.670.5402 
IDEAS2 Awards  Larry Flynn   312.731.7511
Prize Bridge Awards  Matt Shergalis  312.670.5415 
T.R. Higgins Award   Janet Cummins  312.670.5411 
Safety Awards Tom Schlafly  312.670.5412 
Student Steel Bridge Competition  Maria Mnookin 312.670.5418 
 Technology Integration (interoperability, BIMsteel, steelXML, shop model review) Luke Faulkner  312.670.5431 
 Bookstore n/a   800.644.2400
(U.S. & Canada only)
Business Development Representatives (liason to general contractors)
 South Central Rick Kuhn  713.816.5505 
 Midwest Brad Lange  319.208.1496 
 Northeast Steve Redman 440.653.9945 
Southeast  Tim Bradshaw   502.655.2290
 West  Rex Buchanan   360.949.5819
AISC Certification Programs  n/a   312.670.7520
Conferences and Continuing Education
 Future Leaders Ideas Lab  Carly Hurd   312.670.5442
  NASCC: The Steel Conference
(technical program)
 Scott Melnick   312.670.8314
NASCC: The Steel Conference
(general information)
Elizabeth Purdy   312.670.5438
 NASCC: The Steel Conference
(exhibitors and sponsors)
 Renae Gurthet  231.995.0637
 SteelDay  Jenny McDonald   312.670.5433
 Webinars & Seminars  Eric Martin    312.670.8311 
Executive Team
President  Roger Ferch  312.670.5401
 Vice President & Chief Structural Engineer (engineering, research,
continuing education,
university relations)
Charlie Carter   312.670.5414
Vice President (certification)   Jacques Cattan 312.670.5436 
 Vice President (Market Development, Finance) John Cross 312.670.5406 
Vice President (communications, member services, publications, website, meetings,
information technology)
 Scott Melnick  312.670.8314
 NSBA Managing Director Bill McEleney  401.943.5660 
Human Resources
 Human Resources Cathy Becker   n/a
Media Relations
Media and Press Contact  Tasha Weiss   312.670.5439
 Northeast Bill McEleney 401.466.1007 
West Jeff Carlson 720.440.3011 
 Central Calvin Shrage  402.466.1007
 East Christopher Garrell  484.557.2949 
 Marketing Manager Matt Shergalis   312.670.5415
Bookstore  n/a  800.644.2400
(U.S. & Canada only)
 Engineering Journal Keith Grubb  312.670.8318 
Modern Steel Construction   Geoff Weisenberger  312.670.8316 
 Technical publications (manuals,
design guides and specifications)
 Cindi Duncan  312.670.5410
Regional Engineer (liason to specificers and fabricators)
Mid-Atlantic  Jacinda Collins  202.384.2941 
 South Central Rob Kinchler  205.314.5702 
Southeast  Gene Martin 352.870.4784 
Southwest Lorena Arce  562.332.0990 
Northwest Kristy Davis  530.902.8370 
New England Bill Pascoli  412.572.7072 
Upper Midwest  Matt Brady  312.804.3634 
Great Plains  Erika Winters-Downey  913.206.9426 
 AISC Research Programs Tom Schlafly  312.670.5412
 AISC Safety Programs  Tom Schlafly 312.670.5412 
Social Media
Social Media   Victoria Cservenyak   312.670.5407
Specifications and Codes
 Specifications and Codes Cindi Duncan 312.670.5410 
Steel Solutions Center
 Technical Inquiries and
Conceptual Solutions
 n/a 866.ASK.AISC
University Programs
University Programs and
Student Manuals
Maria Mnookin   312.670.5438
 technical issues  Rachel DiGrazia  n/a
 content  questions Victoria Cservenyak   n/a