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American Institute of Steel Construction
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Chicago, IL 60601

Phone: 312.670.2400
Fax: 312.626.2402
Office Hours are M-F 8:30 a.m. - 4:30 p.m. CT


 For people who need technical assistance,
innovative solutions, or tools to make structural steel design even easier, the Steel Solutions Center is your #1 source of information for structural steel.

Contact the Steel Solutions Center at 866.ASK.AISC
or [email protected]

 Awards and Competitions
Designer Awards   Charlie Carter [email protected]  312.670.5414
Educator Awards  Nancy Gavlin [email protected]  312.670.5408
Industry Awards   Angelica Lopez [email protected]  312.670.5402
IDEAS2 Awards  Larry Flynn [email protected]  312.731.7511
Prize Bridge Awards  Matt Shergalis [email protected]  312.670.5415
T.R. Higgins Award   Janet Cummins [email protected]  312.670.5411
Safety Awards Tom Schlafly  [email protected]  312.670.5412
Student Steel Bridge Competition  Maria Mnookin  [email protected] 312.670.5418
 Technology Integration (interoperability, BIMsteel, steelXML, shop model review) Luke Faulkner  [email protected]  312.670.5431 
 Bookstore n/a [email protected] 800.644.2400
Business Development Representatives (liason to general contractors)
 Midwest Brad Lange  [email protected]  319.208.1496
 Northeast Steve Redman  [email protected] 440.653.9945
Southeast  John Cross [email protected] 312.670.5406
AISC Certification Programs  n/a [email protected]   312.670.7520
Conferences and Continuing Education
 Future Leaders Ideas Lab  Carly Hurd  [email protected]  312.670.5442
  NASCC: The Steel Conference
(technical program)
 Scott Melnick [email protected]  312.670.8314
NASCC: The Steel Conference
(general information)
Elizabeth Purdy  [email protected]  312.670.5438
 NASCC: The Steel Conference
(exhibitors and sponsors)
 Renae Gurthet  [email protected] 231.995.0637
 SteelDay  Jenny McDonald [email protected]  312.670.5433
 Webinars & Seminars  Eric Martin [email protected]  312.670.8311
Executive Team
President  Roger Ferch   [email protected] 312.670.5401
 Vice President & Chief Structural Engineer (engineering, research,
continuing education,
university relations)
Charlie Carter  [email protected]  312.670.5414
Vice President (certification)   Jacques Cattan  [email protected] 312.670.5436
 Vice President (Market Development, Finance) John Cross [email protected] 312.670.5406
Vice President (communications, member services, publications, website, meetings,
information technology)
 Scott Melnick  [email protected]  312.670.8314
 NSBA Managing Director Bill McEleney  [email protected]  401.943.5660
Human Resources
 Human Resources Cathy Becker  [email protected]   n/a
Media Relations
Media and Press Contact  Tasha Weiss  [email protected]  312.670.5439
Membership Inquiries     n/a         [email protected] 312.670.2401
 Northeast Bill McEleney   [email protected] 401.943.5660
West Jeff Carlson   [email protected] 720.440.3011
 Central Calvin Shrage   [email protected]  402.466.1007
 East Christopher Garrell  [email protected]  484.557.2949
 Marketing Manager Matt Shergalis  [email protected]  312.670.5415
Bookstore  n/a  [email protected] 800.644.2400
 Engineering Journal Margaret Matthew [email protected]  312.670.8318
Modern Steel Construction   Geoff Weisenberger [email protected]  312.670.8316
 Technical publications (manuals,
design guides and specifications)
 Cindi Duncan  [email protected] 312.670.5410
Regional Engineer (liason to specificers and fabricators)
Mid-Atlantic  Jacinda Collins  [email protected]  202.384.2941
 South Central Tim Bradshaw

[email protected]

Southeast  Gene Martin  [email protected] 352.870.4784
Southwest Lorena Arce  [email protected]  562.332.0990
Northwest Kristy Davis  [email protected]  530.902.8370
New England Bill Pascoli  [email protected]  412.572.7072
Upper Midwest  Matt Brady [email protected]  312.804.3634
 AISC Research Programs Tom Schlafly   [email protected]  312.670.5412
 AISC Safety Programs  Tom Schlafly  [email protected] 312.670.5412
Social Media
Social Media   Victoria Cservenyak [email protected]  n/a
Specifications and Codes
 Specifications and Codes Cindi Duncan   [email protected] 312.670.5410
Steel Solutions Center
 Technical Inquiries and
Conceptual Solutions
 n/a  [email protected] 866.ASK.AISC
University Programs
University Programs and
Student Manuals
Maria Mnookin  [email protected]  312.670.5418
 technical issues  Rachel DiGrazia [email protected]  n/a
 content  questions Victoria Cservenyak  [email protected]   n/a 

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