Director of Technical Marketing

Tabitha Stine

Tabitha S. Stine, SE, PE, LEED AP

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One East Wacker Dr.
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Chicago, IL 60601 

Tabitha is responsible for supervising and coordinating all of the activities for the AISC Steel Solutions Center and that of the eight AISC regional engineers around the United States to help educate decision makers about the inherent benefits and technical solutions to designing and building in structural steel, a role she's had since 2008. Before taking this position, Tabitha spent four years as the Great Plains regional engineer where she worked with decision makers in Illinois, Iowa, Missouri, Nebraska, Minnesota, Wisconsin, North Dakota, and South Dakota. She marketed on the cost advantages of using structural steel, including educating professionals through meetings and speaking engagements on innovations in structural steel. She followed project leads throughout the region and worked personally with the parties involved to help all involved assess whether structural steel is a viable option for their project. Prior to this, Tabitha spent nearly a year as an advisor in AISC's Steel Solutions Center where she was directly involved with providing conceptual solutions to architects, engineers, fabricator, and developers on the framing systems most feasible utilizing structural steel for multi-story residential, office, and parking structures.

Prior to her coming to AISC in 2004, Tabitha worked for Sargent & Lundy, LLC in Chicago as a structural engineer in their Fossil Power Division. While at S&L, she gained experience in flue gas ductwork, analyzing steel for high temperatures and stresses within an SCR system of a coal fired power plant. She also was extensively involved in detailed welded connection design for the ductwork and the overall design for a new coal plant boiler building.

Tabitha earned a Bachelor of Science degree in civil engineering from Southern Illinois University at Carbondale (SIUC) in 2001. In December 2003, she received a master's degree in structural engineering from the Illinois Institute of Technology. In 2009, Tabitha was awarded with the Distinguished Alumni Award by the Civil and Environmental Engineering Department of SIUC for her continued efforts in promoting the civil engineering profession to students of all ages and recognizing her role as a notable speaker to engineering audiences nationwide on a wide variety of cutting edge topics in the design and construction industry. Tabitha currently serves on the ASCE Structural Engineering Institute (SEI) Sustainability Committee to provide more resources and tools to structural engineers in the area of sustainability and is a member of the professional advisory board of the Civil Engineering Department at SIUC.