Online Conference Proceedings

2008 NASCC Presentations - April 2-5, 2008 - Nashville Tennessee

D1 3D Modeling Solutions for Complex Structures John G. Shaw, Mountain Enterprises, Sharpsburg, MD
D2 Specifying and Detailing Hot-Dip Galvanizing Dan Hubbell, Frank Gerace, Hubbell Galvanizing, New York Mills, NY
D4 Detailing for Steel and Precast Structures Robert Beauchamp, Datadraft; Ted Hazledine, Benchmark Fabricated Steel; Gary Hoosier, Hoosier Precast, Inc.; Joel Hicks, Structural Tech
D5 The Detailers Role in a Design Build Project Doug Fitzpatrick, Fitzpatrick Engineering Group, Cornelius, NC
D6 Risk Management for Detailers Leonard Ross, NISD
D7 How to Handle Projects with Multiple Detailers Jean Thibodeau, Technyx, Boucherville, Quebec
D8 Proactive Sucession Planning Issues for Detailing Companies Terry Devine, M & D Drafting, Edmonton, Alberta; Joel Hicks, NISD
D9 Practical Erection Details Robert Beachamp, NISD; Duff Zimmerman, Cooper Steel, Shelbyville, TN
D10 Detailing and Fabricating High Seismic - 2005 AISC Seismic Provisions for Structural Steel Buildings Tom Ferrell, Ferrell Engineering, Birmingham AL; Tony Hazel, Ferrell Engineering, Columbia, SC
D11 The Advanced Bill of Materials as a Contract Deliverable Rob Schoen, Axis Steel Detailing, Phoenix, AZ Eric Kitzman , Schuff Steel Company, Phoenix, AZ
D12 BIM for Low-Rise Steel Projects Rob Schoen, Axis Steel Detailing, Orem, UT; Eric Kitzman , Schuff Steel Company, Phoenix, AZ
D13 3D Software and Complex Hip and Valley Roof Systems Brian Cobb, Structural Detailing, Brentwood, TN
D14 Applied Interoperability - Complex Structures on the Critical Path - Getting Dimensions: Will 3D Modeling Help? Darren Hartmen, Thornton Tomasetti, Kansas City, MO; Donald Beck, Jr., Thornton Tomasetti, Kansas City, MO
E1 Got Stiffness? - An Enjoyable Analytical Investigation of Lateral Force Resisting Base Plates Barry Arnold, ARW Engineers, Ogden, UT
E2 The SJI Composite Steel Joist Catalog First Edition 2007 for Use by The Design Professional David Samuelson, Nucor Research and Development, Norfolk, NE.; Perry Green, Steel Joist Institute, Myrtle Beach, SC
E3 Green Design: Going Beyond Material Issues Mark Gorgolewski, Ryerson University, Toronto
E4 Cool Castings and Green Ideas from Europe Alain Nussbaumer, Swiss Federal Institute of Technology, Lausanne, Switzerland
E5-R Non-Destructive Examination and Special Inspection of Seismic Welding Mike Mayes, Mayes Testing Engineers, Lynnwood, WA
E6 Development and Testing of Long Span Floor Systems for Multistory Residential Steel Construction  Amit Varma, Purdue University; Devin Huber, Purdue University
E7 Should the Structural Engineer or the Fabricator Design Structural Steel Connections? Edward Pence, Stroud Pence & Associates, Richmond, VA.; Gary P. TenEyck, UBSE, Richardson TX; Arthur Johnson, KPFF Consulting Engineers, Seattle, WA
E8 Seismic Design Drawing Requirements - Seismic Provisions for Structural Steel Buildings Larry Kloiber, LeJeune Steel, Minneapolis, MN.; Larry Muir, Cives Engineering Company, Roswell, GA
E9 Designing Low-Cost Steel Structures John Rolfes, Computerized Structural Design, Milwaukee, WI; Jay Ruby, Ruby + Associates, Inc., Farmington, MI
E11 Basic Principals and Recent Developments in Steel Deck Diaphragm Design Sam Easterling, Virginia Tech, Blacksburg, VA; Colin Rogers, McGill University, Montreal
E12-R An Introduction to Earthquake Engineering and Seismic Codes - Part 1: Basic Concepts in Ductile Detailing Michael Engelhardt, University of Texas, Austin, TX
E14 Design Tips for Steel in Low or Moderate Seismic Regions Dominic Kelly, Simpson Gumpertz & Heger; Joseph Zona, Simpson Gumpertz & Heger
E16-R Effects of Post-Tensioned Concrete Slabs on Composite Steel Beams Kent Harries,   University of Pittsburgh, PA
E17 Engineering Ethics: You Be The Judge Arthur Schwartz, National Society of Professional Engineers
E18 Steel Solutions for Low-Floor-to-Floor Multi-Story Residential Housing Daniel Fisher, Girder-Slab Technologies; William Kussro, Giffels Inc., Fenton, MI.;   William Mignogna, O'Donnel Naccarato Mignogna & Jackson, West Palm Beach, FL; 
E19 Rules of Thumb for Steel Design Socrates Ioannides, Structural Affiliates International, Nashville, TN
E20 Quality Assurance for Structural Engineering Firms - Tips, Techniques, and Strategies Cliff Schwinger, The Harman Group, King of Prussia, PA
E21 AISC Certification: Considerations for Special and Not-So-Special Inspection Keith Landwehr, Schuff Steel Company, Chandler, AZ;  Kurt Gustafson, AISC;  Brian Miller, AISC
E22 Characteristics of Robust Structures Christopher  Foley, Marquette University, Milwaukee; WI
E23-R Effective IT Strategies and Policies to Improve Your Bottom Line Shani Karasanti, DeSimone Consulting Engineers; Vincent Ferrara, DeSimone Consulting Engineers, New York, NY
E24 Design of Lateral Load Resisting Frames Using Steel Joists and Joist Girders James Fisher, CSD, Milwaukee, WI
F1 Simplifying Documentation - Creative Procedures Dan Kaufman, QMC, Chicago, IL; Pat Thomashefsky, QMC, Sewell, NJ
F2 Greening the Shop Christian de Serres, SNC-Lavalin, Montreal
F3 Constructability and Teamwork David Ruby, Ruby & Associates, Farmington Hills, MI.
F4 Procedures and Processes to Manage CNC Data Roy Karnes, Trinity Steel Fabricators, Trinity, TX
F5 Around the Bend: What you need to know about STEEL BENDING  Barry Feldman, Kottler Metal Products, Willoughby, OH
F6 Business Valuation for Fabricators - How Much is Your Business Worth and What Factors Affect the Value of Your Business? Thomas J. Noon, Industry Insights, Columbus, OH
F7 Using Cold Formed Steel Members - Where do I Begin? Roger LaBoube, University of Missouri, Rolla;   Brian Jaks, MBCI
F8 New Technology for Fabrication Chris Lohr, Fanuc Robotics; Chris Keyack, Tekla; Amy McCann, Fabtrol; John Holland, Peddinghaus; Adrian Morral, Voortman.
F9 SSPC Surface Preparation Standards - Shop Painting of Structual Steel Bill Shoup, SSPC;  Andrew Smith, International Paints; Todd Alwood, AISC
F10 Recruiting and Retention Ron Peppe, Canam Steel Corporation, Point of Rocks, MD, and Todd Laduron, Schuff International
F11 Decreasing Your Insurance and Bonding Costs Gary Harshbarger, Gunn-Mowery, Lemoyne, PA
F12 A Discussion of Elements Impacting the Fabrication Schedule at Waiward Jim Kanerva, Waiward Steel Fabricators
F14 Construction Contracts: Who's the Fairest of Them all? AIA vs. ConsensusDOCS Matthew Gillies, Stites & Harbison; Anne Gorham, Stites & Harbison
P1 Simple Shear Connections - between wide-flange beams and HSS columns Don Sherman, University of Wisconsin, Milwaukee, WI
P2 Technology Based Hybrid Classes for Structural Steel Classes Stanley Lindsey, Georgia Institute of Technology, Savannah, GA
P3 New Developments in Earthquake Engineering of Steel and Composite Buildings Jerome Hajjar, University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign, IL
P5 Seismic Design of Ductile Special Concentrically Braced Frames Constantin Christopoulos, University of Toronto; Jeffrey Packer, University of Toronto
P6 Five Useful Stability Concepts Joseph Yura, University of Texas, Austin, TX
P7 Partially Restrained and Flexible Moment Connections Louis Geschwindner, Penn State, University Park, PA
R1 AISC Certification: New Directions and Continual Improvement Ted Sheppard, The DuRoss Group, Strongsville, OH; Louis Triandafilou, FHWA, Baltimore, MD
R3 Roof Erection Engineering - Dallas Cowboys Stadium Mark Waggoner, Walter P. Moore & Associates, Austin, TX; Bart Riberich, Uni-Systems, Minneapolis, MN; Steve Richardson, W & W Steel Company, Oklahoma City, OK; Adam Younkin, Derr Steel Erection, Euless, TX; Jim Kennedy, Derr Steel Erection, Euless, TX
R4 Lucas Oil Stadium - Roof Erection Engineering Mark Waggoner, Walter P. Moore & Associates, Austin, TX; Bart Riberich, Uni-Systems, Minneapolis;  Rick Kayser, Hillsdale Fabricators, St. Louis, MO; Jim Kennedy, Derr Steel Erection, Euless, TX
R5 The Border Forecast: An Outlook on Immigration Patrick Cont, Sturm & Cont, Spartanburg, SC
R6 Risk Tansfer: Surviving the Circling Sharks R. Russell O'Rourke, O'Rourke & Associates Co., Cleveland, OH
R7 Teamwork David Douglas,  CMC South Carolina Steel, Greenville, SC; Eddie Williams, Buckner Companies, Graham, NC
R8 Marketing for Erectors: A Call for Professionalism Eddie Williams, FabArc Steel; Buzz James, Bovis Lend Lease; Duff Zimmerman, Cooper Steel
S1-1 Welcome and Overview of the Structural Stability Research Council Sam Easterling, Virginia Tech, Blacksburg, VA
S1-2 Imperfection sensitivity and reliability predictions using simple bar-spring models for stability V.M Zeinoddini, L.L. Graham-Brady, B.W. Schafer, Johns Hopkins University
S2-1 Performance-Based Methodology for Fire Resistant Design of CFHSS Columns Rustin Fike, Venkatesh Kodur, Michigan State University
S2-2 Performance-Based Analysis of Composite Steel-Concrete Structures Under Fire Conditions Alexandre Landesmann, Daniel Lemos, Mouco Eduardo de Miranda Batista, Federal University of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
S3-1 An assessment of the level of lateral flange bending in skewed and curved girder bridges due to concrete placement Nohemy Galindez, West Virginia University
S3-2 Earthquake Limit States for Curved Steel Bridges Junwon See, Daniel Linzell, Penn State University
S3-3 Shear Strength of Hozizontally Curved Composite I-Girders N. E. Shanmugam, M. A. Basher, A. R. Khalim, National University of Malaysia
S4-1 Comparison of design methods for locally slender steel columns  B. W. Schefer, M. Seif, Johns Hopkins University
S4-3 Lateral Torsional Buckling Strength of Prismatic and Web-tapered Beams Yoon Duk Kim, Donald White, Georgia Institute of Technology
S5-1 Flange Anchoring Mechanism Developed in Plate Girders under Shear Sung C. Lee, D. S. Lee, C. S. Park, Dongguk University, Korea; Chai H. Yoo, Auburn University
S5-2 Lateral Torsional Buckling of Channel Sections Loaded in Bending Dagowin la Poutré, Bernard Engineers, Hall in Tirol, Austria
S6-1 Flextural Stiffness Limits for Frame Members of Steel Plate Shear Wall Systems Mehdi Dastfan, Dr. Robert G. Driver, University of Alberta, Edmonton, Canada
S6-2 A Unique Buckling Mode for Cold-formed Steel Framed Shear Wall with Sheet Steel Sheathing Cheng Yu, University of North Texas, Denton, TX
S7-1 GBT-Based Post-Buckling Analysis of Thin-walled Steel Members and Frames C. Basaglia, D. Camotim, N. Silvestre, IST-Technical University of Lisbon, Portugal
S7-2 Inelastic Behavior of Thin Steel Plates Subjected to Cyclic Compression and Tension Iraj Mamaghani, University of North Dakota
S8-1 Accounting for Residual Stress in the Seismic Stability of Nonlinear Beam-Column Elements with Cross-Section Fiber Discretization Charles-Philippe Lamarche, Robert Tremblay, École Polytechnique, Motreal
S8-2 A New 3-D Co-Rotational Beam-Column Element Bulent N. Alemdar, Structural Systems Group, San Diego, CA; Donald White, Georgia Institute of Technology, Atlanta, GA
S8-3 On the Inelastic Strength of Beam-Columns Under Biaxial Bending Ronald D. Ziemian, Dong-Woo Seo, William McGuire
S9-1 2008 SSRC Beedle Presentation - The History and Status of HSS Stability Design in North America Don Sherman, University of Wisconsin, Milwaukee, WI
S9-2 System Buckling of I-shaped Girders Todd Helwig, University of Texas; Joe Yura, University of Texas; Reagan Herman, Johns Hopkins University; Chong Zhou, University of Houston
S10-1 Post-Buckling Behavior of Cold-Formed Steel Lipped Channel Columns Affected by Distortional/ Global Mode Interaction P. B. Dinis D. Camotim, IST Technical University of Lisbon, Portugal
S10-2 Experimental Study of Open Web Steel Joists with Crimped Critical Web Members Perry S. Green, SJI
X1 The Steel Design Specification: A Designer's Perspective Kurt Swensson, KSI Structural Engineers, Atlanta, GA
X2 Simple--But No Simpler Ronald O. Hamburger, Simpson Gumpertz & Heger Consulting Engineers, Belmont, CA
X3 Designing with Damping Robert McNamara, McNamara/Salvia, Boston, MA
X4 Important Lessons They Didn't Teach Me At College (or at least I don't think they did) Duane Miller, The Lincoln Electric Company, Cleveland, OH
X5 Wind versus Seismic -- Which Controls? Lawrence Griffis, Walter P. Moore, Austin, TX
K2 Buckling-Restrained Braced Frames Walterio A. Lopez, Rutherford & Chekene; Rafeal Sabelli, Walter P. Moore