HSS Observation Tower

Have you heard? The new HSS Spec makes design easier!
In the second quarter of 2013, a new ASTM specification will result in the production of an imrpoved Hollow Structural Sections (HSS). The new specification provides improved performance that makes HSS design easier and potentially more effective for the client. View the HSS Spec flyer.

Hollow Structural Sections (HSS) are manufactured hollow steel sections, typically of circular, rectangular, or square cross-section, although other shapes such as elliptical are now available from various producers. In North American, HSS sections conform to the ASTM Specification A500 and Canadian Specification CAN/CSA-G40.20-04/G40.21-04. The use of HSS is growing with popularity all around the world in the building industry. While less than 15% of the U.S. structural steel market, in Europe and Japan HSS members account for approximately 30% of the market. Popular uses include architecturally exposed structural steel, staggered truss and conventional truss structures, and basic column or vertical bracing elements.

Questions often arise when designing, fabricating, or specifying HSS. This is YOUR resource and one-stop-shop for the use of HSS in the building industry. If the answer isn't here, please contact our AISC Steel Solutions Center at 1-866-ASK-AISC or [email protected] and you will get in touch with someone who can assist you today!

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