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Online Conference Proceedings 

 2009 NASCC Presentations - April 1-4, 2009 - Phoenix Arizona

D2-E2-F2-R2 - The Wal-Mart Effect and Your Business Robert van Arsdall
D3 - Connection Design: The Good, The Bad, The Ugly Jerod Hoffman
D4 - RFIs: Use and Abuse (Do You Know the Difference?) Mark Stoller, Robert Schoen
D6 - How to Get Rich in Detailing Donald Duncan, Hugh Dobie
D7 - Value Added Selling: Competing Against Overseas Detailers Robert Schoen
D8 - OSHA Revisited Jack Metcalfe, Jim Larson,
Robert Beauchamp
D9 - Fire Protection, Painting and Galvanizing (What the Detailer Should Know) Christine McCulloch
D10 - Communicating and Coordinating Between Detailers Chris Fischer, John Pedersen
D11 - Stair and Miscellaneous Steel Detailing in 3D Kevin Davey
E3 Performance and Behavior of Gusset Plate Connections Charles Roeder, Dawn E. Lehman
E4 - Structural Integrity in Buildings Ronald Hamburger
E5 - Steel Interchange LIVE! Bob Shaw, Kurt Gustafson, Larry Kloiber
E6 - Structural Design Changes in a Fast Track DB Project: The Good, the Bad and the Ugly Edward Pence, Forrest McNabb, Saul Mednick
E7 - Delegating Connection Responsibility to the Fabricator: What is the EORs Legal Responsibility Stein, Ray & Harris
E8 - Rules of Thumb for Steel Design Socrates A. Ioannides
E9 - Design of Frames Using Web-Tapered Members Donald White, Richard Kaehler
E10 - Staggered Truss Systems: Lessons Learned John Kennedy, Jon Beier
E11 - Hollow Structural Section Connections Jeffrey A. Packer
E12 - Specifying Camber: Rules of Thumb for Designers Erika Winters Downey
E13 - Renovation: Concept to Completion Stanley Wojnowski
E14 - Safety by Design T. Michael Toole
E15 - Better Base Plates by Design Barry Arnold
E16 - Connection Design: Dealing with Load Path, Transfer Forces, and Apparent Lack of Joint Equilibrium Bill Merrell
E17 - Cold-Formed and Hot-Rolled: The Best of Both Worlds Brian Jaks, Roger LaBoube
E18 - AISC Certification Brian Raff
E19 - Wind Design Considerations for Steel Joists and Joist Girders Perry Green, Tim Holtermann, Mark Perry, Joe Pote
E20 - Trends in Offshoring/Outsourcing and How Advances in Software Address this Migration Santanu Das
E21 - An Introduction to Earthquake Engineering and Seismic Codes—Part I: Ductility Michael Engelhardt
E24 - BIM: Cradle to Grave Larry Kruth, James Corsiglia
E25 - How Does Parking Play with Mixed-Use? Michael Brennan
E26 - Ethics and Accountability Dan Murphy
E27 - Developments in the Design of Bolted Connections: Bolt Shear Strength and Slip Resistance Larry Kloiber
F3 - Improving Shop Safety Jay Cockerham
F4 - Estimating Rules of Thumb Gene Martin, Brian Miller
F5-R10 - QMC’s Top 10 CARs: Part I Dan Kaufman, Pat Thomashefsky
F6 - QMC’s Top 10 CARs: Part II Dan Kaufman, Pat Thomashefsky
F8 - Contract Language and Risk Management—Understanding Basic Contract Language Angela Stephens, Matthew Gillies
F9 - Employee Retention (What’s New? What Can We Do?) Jim Kanerva
F10 - Trucking: Lease vs. Buy vs. Contract Mark Trimble
F12 - Developing a Sustainable Business Richard Barrett
F13 - Efficient Beam Connections—Determine the Most Efficient Connection For Your Shop Richard Barrett
K1 - Connection Design Responsibility: Is the Debate Over? Charles Carter, D. Kirk Harman, Glenn Bishop
K2 - T.R. Higgins Award Lecture: Unified Design of Steel I-Section Flexural Members in the 2005 AISC and 2007 AASHTO Speci-fications Donald White
P1 - Considerations for Design and Construction of Tall Buildings Abbas Aminmansour
P2 - Underlying Concepts in Seismic Design Codes Chia-Ming Uang, Tom Schlafly
P3 - Why Can’t Bolting Be More Simple--Like it Used to Be? Peter Birkemoe
P4 - The Art of Steel Duane Ellifritt
R3 - High Seismic--An Erector’s Guide Tony Hazel
R4 - Safety First Ray Edington
R5 - Moving Steel to Make Iron Andy Payne, Michael Eagen, Ted Vrehas
R6 - Preparing a Site-Specific Erection Plan Curtis Mayes, Ed Valencia, Keith Holshausen
R8 - Blue Cross Blue Shield--Adding 24 Stories to a Chicago High-Rise Charlie Turcotte
R9 - New Developments in Fall Protection Jim Arendas
R12 - Construction of the New York Mets’ Citi Field Stadium Jeffrey Smilow
R13 - The Bow EnCana’s New Corporate Headquarters in Calgary Barry Charnish
S1 - Stability Bracing Requirements  
S2 - Design Methods for Beams and Columns  
S3 - Stability of Curved Girders  
S4 - Stability under Fire Conditions  
S5 - Stability Bracing in Bridges  
S6 - Stability of Shear Wall Systems  
S7 - Stability of Thin-Walled Compression Members  
S8 - Factors Impacting the Stability of Steel Bridges  
S9 - Beedle Award Presentation: Wei-Wen Yu  
S10 - Specialty Topics in Structural Stability  
X1 - Skyscrapers—Past, Present and Future R. Shankar Nair
X2 - Connections: The Last Bastion of Rational Design William Thornton
X3 - Seismic Upgrade of a 15-Story Steel Moment Frame Building: Satisfying Performance Criteria with Application of Experimental and Advanced Analytical Procedures James Malley, Tom Schlafly