AISC Educator Awards

AISC Awards honor significant projects and individuals who have contributed to the success of the fabricated structural steel industry. Whether it is for exceptional design, an insightful technical paper, or a lifetime of outstanding service, an AISC Award brings prestige and well-deserved recognition to its recipient.

Educator Award Nominations

Please take the time to recognize one of your deserving colleagues by submitting a nomination of an AISC award.

University educators are eligible for three individual AISC awards: the Geerhard Haaijer Award for Excellence in Education, the Lifetime Achievement Award, and the Special Achievement Award. AISC University Programs is issuing a call for nominations for the Educator Awards. Review the information for each award (linked above) and choose carefully the award for which you wish to nominate a deserving candidate.

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significant projects and individuals who have made a difference in the success of the fabricated structural steel industry.

Congratulations to the 2016 award winners!

  • Lifetime Achievement Award - Gregory G. Deierlein, Ph.D., Professor, Stanford University

Dr. Deierlein is the John A. Blume Professor at Stanford University where he has served as the Director of the J.A. Blume Earthquake Engineering Center since 2003. He teaches undergraduate and graduate courses in design of steel structures, analysis and earthquake engineering.

His expertise includes fracture and stability of steel structures and composite steel/concrete structures. He has led major collaborative teams, involving researchers from the U.S., Japan and Taiwan, to develop and test self-centering braced frame systems and composite steel/concrete frames systems.

Dr. Deierlein has served on the AISC Committee on Specifications since 2000, on TC8 (Design for Fire) and TC10 (Stability) since 2004, on TC9 (Seismic Provisions) since 1998, and as an Engineering Journal reviewer since 1998.

Dr. Deierlein received the AISC Special Achievement Award in 2003 for his work on advanced frame analysis and design. In 2013 he was elected to the National Academy of Engineering.

  •  Lifetime Achievement Award - Geoffrey L. Kulak, Ph.D., P.Eng., Professor Emeritus, University of Alberta

Dr. Geoffrey Kulak spent most of his career as a university teacher, and was Professor of Civil Engineering at the University of Alberta from 1970 to 1996 where he now is Professor Emeritus. He is a recognized authority on the behavior of welded and bolted connections, fatigue of fabricated steel members, and member stability.

Dr. Kulak has been a steel industry leader through active involvement in RCSC and AISC activities. He served as an officer of RCSC in several different positions over more than two decades of involvement. And, he has written and presented RCSC and AISC seminars on bolting that have been well received as both practical and understandable.

Dr. Kulak has published extensively. Among his publications, he has created significant knowledge through his work to summarize bolting research and related work for RCSC in the Guide to Design Criteria for Bolted and Riveted Joints. He also has made bolted joint design easier and more straightforward through AISC Design Guide 17: High Strength Bolts-A Primer for Structural Engineers, which he authored.

Dr. Kulak received the AISC Special Achievement Award in 2000.

  • Special Achievement Award - Larry Fahnestock, Ph.D., P.E., Assoc. Professor, University of Illinois at Champaign-Urbana

For his work on the reserve capacity of low-ductility steel braced frames in areas of moderate seismicity, in which he quantifies the effects of reserve capacity in non-ductile frames which may preclude the need for strict seismic retrofit requirements in moderate seismic regions.

  • Special Achievement Award - Brad Davis, Ph.D., S.E., Asst. Professor, University of Kentucky, Lexington

For his work on developing new tolerance criteria for steel framed floors supporting sensitive equipment, which will result in more economical floor framing.

  • Special Achievement Award - Vern Mesler, Adjunct Faculty, Lansing Community College

For 30 years of teaching skills associated with welding, fabrication, corrosion repair and hot riveting to thousands of students at Lansing Community College, and for encouraging those students to pursue careers in the steel industry. And for his establishment of the historic bridge park in Calhoun County, Michigan which contains six steel bridges, that Mr. Mesler and his students restored to the same functional condition as they were originally built, and which continues to serve as an educational site for students and engineers to understand past bridge design and construction techniques.

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