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Online Conference Proceedings

2010 NASCC Presentations - May 12-15, 2010 - Orlando Florida

A1 Steel & Wood: A Dynamic & Sustainable Duo? Sylvie Boulanger, Paul Fast, Rob Third 
A3 Developing Yourself as a Leader  Joe Contrera, Chris Moor 
A5 The Lost Art of Communication Forest McNabb 
A6 The Wal-Mart Effect and Your Business: Preventing the Commoditization of Your Services Barry Arnold, Robert van Arsdall 
A7 Quality Control and Assurance in AISC 360-10: Are you Ready for Chapter N?  Charles Carter, Keith Landwehr, Bob Shaw 
D1 Bridge 101 for the Detailer Chris Garrell, Walter Gatti, Frank Kingston
D2 Contract Language and Clauses-Confidently Handling Negotiations Don Engler, Robert Schoen
D3 Detailing Issues Part 1: Streamlining Design and Detailingin the Traditional Work Process Model J.R. Barker
D4 Detailing Issues Part 2: New Market and Increased Profitability Opportunities from Working Outside the Traditional Work Process Model J.R. Barker
D5 Connection Design: The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly  Alfredo Boracchini, Luis Torres 
D6 Industrial Detailing 101  Thomas Kramer 
D7 Commercial Detailing 101  Bruce Vaughan 
D9 Technical Security Problems and Solutions Josua Perrymon 
D10 Tips on Connection Design Joel Hicks, Joseph Huie, Robert Whyte
D13 Modeling for Management Richard Stern, Jean Thibodeau
D14 Engineer vs. Detailer: Where Do You Draw the Line Roger Ferch, Luis Torres
E1 The Puzzle of Steel Procurement Solved  Barry Arnold, Max Powell 
E2 122 Design Ideas in 90 Minutes  James Fisher, Larry Kloiber, Michael West
E3 What's on the Horizon for AISC Standards in 2010 Charles Carter, Cynthia Duncan, Kurt Gustafson
E4 Lessons Learned in Structural Software: Implementing a “Software Error Reduction Plan Brian Quinn, Lisa Willard
E6 HSS: Applications, Use, and Limitations of Chapter K of AISC 360-05 Christopher Foley, Jeffrey Packer
E7 An Engineer's Guide to the New 2010 Joist Specification Perry Green, Robert Hackworth, Tim Holtermann, Cevyn Meyer
E8 AISC 2010 Specification Appendix 4 (Part 1): Structural Design for Fire Conditions Bruce Ellingwood, Mike Gilmor, John Gross, Nestor Iwankiw
E9 AISC 2010 Specification Appendix 4 (Part 2): Structural Design for Fire Conditions Matt Johann, Tom Klemens, Barbara Lane
E10A An Introduction to Earthquake Engineering and Seismic Codes (Part 1: Ductility)  Michael Engelhardt, Margaret Matthew 
E10B An Introduction to Earthquake Engineering and Seismic Codes (Part 2: Provisions and Design Examples) Rob Kinchler, Robert Tremblay
E11 Design, Detailing, and Installation of Metal Roof Deck Diaphragms Pierre Gignac
E11 Design of Metal Roof Deck Diaphragms for Low-Rise Steel Buildings (Slides Only) Robert Tremblay
E12 Confronting and Debunking Marketplace Myths… and the Realities We Need to Know! Bill Keil, Tabitha Stine
E13 Welding Heavy Structural Steel... Successfully! Duane Miller, Ted Sheppard
E14 Code Complexity Jeff Asher, James Parker, Edward Pence, Jaime Vasquez
E15 Installation, Inspection, and Behavior of High-Strength Bolts Geoff Kulak, Ted Sheppard
E16A Part One: Defining Limit States for Steel Connections Geoff Kulak, Ted Sheppard
E16B Part Two: Limit State Design of Tension and Shear Connections  Monica Stockmann, Kevin Truman 
E17 Introduction to Seismic Design  Amanuel Gebremeskel, Margaret Matthew 
E18 Stability Issues and Computer Modeling  Allen Adams, Jason Ericksen, Joshua Plummer 
E19 Implementing BIM in Your Structural Engineering Firm  James Corsiglia, Larry Kruth 
E20 Designing Healthcare Facilities  Susan Burmeister, Nina Kristeva 
E21 Behavior and Design of Composite Column Systems: Recent Research and New Provisions Reidar Bjorhovde, Jerome Hajjar
E22 Design of Underslung Hoist and Crane Beams/Girders William Kussro, Richard Vincent
E23 Contract Documents: A Key to Economical Design Brian Dekker, Monica Stockmann
E24 Pecha Kucha Goes Steel! Allessandro Beghini, Jon Beier, James Corsiglia, Eric Fenske, Carol Post, Craig Weisensel
E25 Ethics: Where Does Your Responsibility End? Matthew Gillies, Steven Henderson
F2 Practical Energy Management for Your Shop Martin Anderson, Richard Lubinski
F3 Corrosion Protection in Exposed Environments Bill Corbett, Bill McEleney, Calvin Schrage
F4 The Hole Story Jim Colt, Mark Trimble
F5 Reading the Tea Leaves John Cross, Terry Zwick
F6 Making Sure You Get Paid Babette Freund, Tony Parker
F7 Robotic Welding in the Fab Shop David Harwell, Jim Kinerva, Bill McEleney
F8 Connection Design Scope and Shared Structural BIM Models: Now What? Tom Faraone, Mike Mitrevski, Brian Volpe
F9 It's Not Just About Drawing Presentation Anymore John Cooper, Wayne Morrison 
F10 Competing in the One-Story Marketplace Ross Allbritton, Larry Jeffords, Tim Lack, Craig Weisensel
F11 LEED, Follow, Or Get Out of the Way! How the Sustainable Building Movement is Changing the Way we do Business Steven Arsht, Tom Faraone, Geoff Weisenberger
F12 Preventative Maintenance Pat Thomashefsky, Mark Trimble, Terry Weir
F13 AISC Certification: The Importance and the Process Zane Keniston, Paul Palmes, Steve Russell, Bob Zaykoski
F14 Value-added Internal Auditing Larry Martof, Pat Thomashefsky
K1 Wednesday Keynote: Main Street Green  Rick Fedrizzi 
K2 2010 T.R. Higgins Award Lecture: The AISC Seismic Design Provisions: Past, Present and Future James Malley
P1 Seismic Design of Concentrically Braced Steel Frames Rob Kinchler, Robert Tremblay
P2 Characterization and Mitigation of Residual Welding Stress Larry Reavely
P3 Simplified Finite Element Method for Predicting Low Frequency Floor Vibration due to Walking Brad Davis, Kurt Gustafson, Thomas Murray
R1 New OSHA Crane Standards Chip Pocock, Doug Williams
R2 Retainage Dennis Bausman, Eddie Williams
R3 Making Magic in Orlando: The Amway Arena Dan Kilgore, Patrick Lewis, Don Moe, Adam Samuel, Sean Sullivan
R4 The Nuts and Bolts of Structural Connections Dan Kaufman, Dan Kilgore, Pat Thomashefsky
R5 Practical Horizontal Life Line Systems Barry Cole
R7 Sequencing! Bill Michaud, Greg Peterson
R9 Seismic Filler Metals Jerry Mathison
R10 Raleigh Durham Airport Terminal Josh Ciley, Doug Williams
R11 Erecting Amusement Park Rides Loren Thomas, Kenny Waugh
R12 Protecting Your Assets Kimberley Mariani
R13 Worksite Theft Henry Hagood, Mike Kennedy, Chip Pocock
R14 Innovative Bridge Erection Bob Cisneros, Chris Hall, Brian Raff
S1 Topics in Structural Stability Ronald Ziemian
S2 Stability Under Dynamic (Earthquake) Loads Peter Birkemoe
S3 Thin-Walled Steel Behavior and Design Roger LaBoube
S4 Thin-Walled Steel Analysis and Design Donald Sherman
S5 Stability of Bridges During Erection LeRoy Lutz
S6 Stability and Design of Plate Girders Donald White
S7 Behavior and Design of Stability Bracing Joseph Yura
S8 Stability and Design of Beams W. Samuel Easterling
S9 Beedle Presentation Reidar Bjorhovde, Benjamin Schafer
S10 Topics in Structural Stability Clarence Miller
U1 Constructability: A Primer Jay Ruby, David Ruby 
U2 Constructability for Designers David Ruby, Chad Fox 
U3 Constructability for Fabricators Jay Ruby, John Matuska
U4 Constructability for Erectors Jay Ruby, Jeff Gasparott
X1 When Codes and Regulators Stop Engineers from Thinking  Kurt Gustafson, Ronald Hamburger
X2 Braced Frame Connection Design  Brent Leu, Rafael Sabelli 
X3 Fatigue Design: Past, Present and Future  John Fisher, Rob Kinchler 
X4 A Candid Conversation About the Business Ramifications of BIM and IPD Jon Magnusson, Bill Pascoli