Teaching Aids for Structural Steel Design Courses - Updated for the 14th Edition Steel Construction Manual

This is a series of PowerPoint slide sets on a variety of topics that usually are covered in Steel Design courses. Instructors may incorporate all or part of these slide sets, as needed, into their existing steel class lecture notes. These slides also may be used in courses that aren’t primarily structural steel design courses but still address topics in steel design.

You will be able to most efficiently use these teaching aids by beginning with a review of the Instructor Notes.

NOTE: The Core Teaching Aids have been updated to reflect changes in the AISC Steel Construction Manual with the publication of the 14th Edition Manual. The changes that have been made to the PowerPoint presentations are summarized in the following files:

Beam Slide Revisions - PDF 144KB
Compression Slide Revisions - PDF 106KB
Tension Forces Revisions - PDF 105KB
Combined Forces Revisions - PDF 123KB