Steel Construction Manual Resources

AISC has compiled this comprehensive collection of technical resources for structural steel design to complement the 14th Edition Steel Construction Manual. Most of these resources are free to the public, but some resources are available free to AISC members as part of the ePubs member benefit. Members-only content items are identified with this icon Small Lock Icon. Not a member? Learn more about AISC membership here. If you don't qualify for AISC membership, you can purchase an ePubs subscription here.

Online Resources


Design Examples V14.2
This PDF collection of design examples is keyed to the 14th Edition Steel Construction Manual and the 2010 Specification for Structural Steel Buildings.

Shapes Database V14.1 and V14.1H
The AISC Shapes Database provides electronic access to the dimensions and properties of structural sections included in the 14th Edition Manual. Also available is the AISC Shapes Database V14.0H that includes historic shape properties from past Manuals. Visit our historical standards page for more information about working with older structures.

New Shape Sections
New shapes are added to ASTM A6 periodically. Find section properties and column tables for them here.

Interactive Reference List
Browse all of the literature referenced in the 14th Edition Steel Construction Manual, sorted by chapter. Some content is available only to AISC members as part of the ePubs member benefit.

Basic Design Values Cards
Only available as a download, these two 5”-by-8” cards cover design information for typical applications of W-shapes, HSS, pipe, connections, and analysis requirements. The cards cover both ASD and LRFD.


Related Documents

  • Specification for Structural Steel Buildings (ANSI/AISC 360-10)
    Commonly referred to as the "steel spec" or just "the spec," this document is included in Part 16 of the Manual. Learn more about the spec here.
  • Specification for Structural Joints Using High Strength Bolts, 2009
    Often called "the bolt spec," this document is included in Part 16 of the Manual. It is developed and maintained by the Research Council on Structural Connections. Learn more about the bolt spec here.
  • Code of Standard Practice for Structural Steel Buildings and Bridges (AISC 303-10)
    Also known as the COSP or just "the code," The Code of Standard Practice is included in Part 16 of the Manual. Learn more about the code here.
  • Design Guides
    AISC's complete design guide series is available free online to AISC members as part of the ePubs member benefit.
  • ePubs and freePubs Collection
    View AISC's collection of online resources. Some content is restricted to AISC members as part of the ePubs member benefit. Learn about the benefits of AISC membership here.
  • Errata
    Keep your copy of the Manual and the AISC standards printed in Part 16 up-to-date. Periodically check here for revisions and errata.
  • Build-A-Bolt
    This mobile app functions as a bolt selector guide to help identify basic aspects of high-strength structural steel bolts. It is intended for use as a bolt selector: identifying the appropriate bolt, nut and washer combination or determining which combinations are present on the job site. It provides a simple guide for selecting the proper bolt and nut/washer combination and provides a list of dimensional properties, finishes and producer markings. Download this app today and join our contest by sending us your app ideas for a new AISC mobile app. Read Steel Apps Contest Rules
  • Historic Documents
    Looking for information about materials used in the past? Visit our historic standards collection for previous versions of specifications and manuals.
  • Historic Shapes
    Visit AISC's collection of historic shape producer catalogs here.

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