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Online Conference Proceedings

2011 NASCC Presentations - May 11-14, 2011 - Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

NASCC Live: A special session on the recent earthquakes in New Zealand and Japan
G 1 "Thermal Steel Bridging: Minimizing Building Envelope Energy Loss in Structural Steel Buildings" James A. D'Aloisio, Russ Miller-Johnson
G 2 The Fabricator and LEED Tom Faraone, Geoff Weisenberger
G 3 Legal Pitfalls of Green Design and Construction Angela Stephens
G 4 Solar Steel Jelani Rucker, Manish Nayar
G 5 Sustainability and Steel Geoff Weisenberger, Luke Faulkner
G 6 Reused: A Tale of Salvaged Steel Nathan Benjamin, Shaun Franklin, Scott Jundt, Dirk Kestner
G 7 Building a Ship in a Bottle-Accident Fund Insurance Co., Lansing, MI Lawrence F. Kruth, Jeff Gasparott
K 1 "Wednesday Keynote: A Visual Tour of Pittsburgh's Architecture and Engineering Heritage" David J. Vater
N 1 Unleash the Power of Mathcad Brent A. Maxfield
N 2 "BIM Model Validation- Planning for Downstream Success" David Aucoin, Tom Faraone, Mike Samilski
N 4 Pushing BIM Uphill Chris Moor, David Ratterman, Chris Fischer
N 6 "50 Tips for Designing Constructible Steel Buildings" Clifford Schwinger
N 7 Economy In Steel Tom Mendez
N 8 "Steel at the Interface: Wood, Glass, and Concrete" Benoit Cloutier, Richard Vincent, Eric Karsh
N 9 "The Ten Commandments of Communicating Connection Design" Patrick J. Fortney, Susan Burmeister, Tony Hazel
N 10 Improving the Shop Drawing Review Process Brian Quinn and Lisa Willard, Jim Corsiglia, Michael Gustafson, Michelle Eret
N 11 A Guide to the Preliminary Design Process Jules Van de Pas, Patrick McManus
N 12 Quality Control and Assurance: Are You Ready for Chapter N? Bob Shaw, Keith Landwehr
N 13 What Engineers Need to Include in their Model Darren Hartman
N 14 Structural Steel Software Review Sam Rubenzer
N 15 The Lost Art of Communication Forrest D. McNabb
N 16 Exposed Column Base Plates: What Three Years of Testing Taught Us Amit Kanvinde
N 17 AISC and NEES Research Overview: Steel Slit Panels and Steel Plate Shear Walls Jeff Berman, Judy Liu
N 18 "Steel Deck Diaphragm Design: From Understanding Behavior to Efficient Field Installation" Dave Boltz, Sam Easterling
N 19 Design for Stability Louis F. Geschwindner
N 20 Loads on Steel Joists Tim Holtermann, Tony Burke
N 21 Extended Shear Plate Connections Larry Muir
N 22 Modular Composite Construction for Nuclear Facilities Ronald Janowiak, Sanj Malushte
N 23 New Composite Design Provisions in the 2010 Specification Lawrence Griffis, Will Jacobs
N 24 Novel Concepts in Design for Member Stability Donald W. White, Todd Helwig
N 25 Sloped Roof Considerations Bryan Starr, Dave Henley, David Weaver, Justin Mitchell, Tad Toler, Tim Kickisch, Jirsa Hendrick, Tom Skinner
N 27 Causes (and Solutions) for Corrective Action Requests Duke Okes
N 28 Ask an Auditor-Erection Q&A Steve Russell, Lee Pielaet
N 29 A First Look at the 14th Edition Manual & 2010 Specification Cindi Duncan, Larry Muir
N 30 Welding Code Updates: What's New in 2010 Duane Miller
N 31 A Standards Approach to Connection Design Bill Merrell
N 32 Crane Loads on Industrial Buildings John Rolfes, Robert MacCrimmon
N 34 Specifying Buckling Restrained Braced Frames: How to Get What You Want Kimberly Robinson, Cameron Black
N 35 Performance-Based Seismic Design: Today and Tomorrow John D. Hooper, Ronald O. Hamburger
N 36 Ductile Brace Fuses for Cost-Effective Design of Brace Steel Frames Robert Tremblay, Colin Rogers, Frederic Legeron
N 37 Bidding High-Seismic Projects for the Fabricator and Detailer Patrick McManus, Larry Muir
N 38 Designing for Frame Stability: Non-Seismic and Seismic Loading Andrea E. Surovek, Robert Tremblay
N 39 Practical Applications of Steel Plate Shear Walls Nabih Youseff, Bill Lantz
N 40 Mechanism Analysis in the 2010 Seismic Provisions Rafael Sabelli
N 41 Changes in the 2010 Seismic Provisions for Structural Steel Buildings James O. Malley, Jerome F. Hajjar
N 42 Self-Centering Seismic Steel Frames: The High-Performance Option Coming to You Soon Maria Garlock, Constantin Christopoloulos
N 43 What the EOR Needs to Know About Bridge Fabrication Ronnie Medlock
N 44 Plate Girders for Bridges Francesco Russo
N 45 Folded Plate Technology for Accelerated Bridge Fabrication and Construction Atorod Azisnamini
N 46 Flux-Cored Arc Welding Goes Mainstream Jerry Mathison
N 47 The Construction Market: Rebounding from a Recession or Mired in a Depression? John Cross
N 48 Growing Your Firm in Tough Times Brian Dekker
N 49 I Did the Work-Now Pay Me! Tony Parker
N 50 Enriching Your Profitability Through Lean Manufacturing Frank Coppola
N 51 What to do When the Money's Gone-Getting Paid Without Going to Jail! Joel D. Heusinger
N 52 20 Tips from the Top Project Managers Ben Merkling, Mark Holland, Bob Terpak, Warren Stickrod
N 53 Helpful Tips for Evaluating Subcontractors Larry Martof
N 54 A Fabricator's Guide to Converting Projects from Concrete to Steel Monica Shripka, Jacinda Collins, Erin Criste
N 58 Steel Safety Solutions Lawrence F. Kruth, David Sailing, Duff Zimmerman, Tony Hannan
N 59 What Fabricators Wish They Knew Yesterday Lawrence F. Kruth, Keith Landwehr
N 60 Marketing Tools for Fabricators, Erectors, and Service Centers Erik Beach, Mart Marasco
N 61 Successful Estimating Procedures for the Fabricator Greg Peterson
N 62 Contract Language from a CM's/GC's Point of View Trevor Ladner
N 63 Pre-Planning Tips and Tools Steve Burkholder
N 65 What is Your Crane Doing Today? Mark Mehaffey, Greg Jones, Russel Hanson
N 66 Design and Construction of BC Place's Retractable Roof David M. Campbel, Pierre Velghe
N 67 Consol Energy Center-The New Home of the Pittsburgh Penguins Serge Dussault, Steve Hofmeister
N 68 Competing with "Wal-Mart" Detailers Brad Lange
N 70 Small-firm BIM Brian Cobb
N 71 Harnessing the Technically Advanced Younger Generation Chris Fischer
N 72 Redundant or Non-Redundant? Karl Frank, Tony Shkurti
N 73 Seismic Collapse Performance of Low-Ductility Steel Braced Frame Structures Larry A. Fahnestock, Robert Pekelnicky, Eric M. Hines
N 74 A Special Report from New Zealand Alistair Fussell, Gilberto Mosqueda
N 5a BIM Model Exchange and Review-LIVE, Part I James A. Corsiglia, Richard Steffens
N 5b BIM Model Exchange and Review-LIVE, Part II James A. Corsiglia, Richard Steffens
S 1 Stability During Construction Ronald Ziemian
S 2 Bridge Stability and Bracing Peter Birkemoe
S 3 Thin-Walled Steel Behavior and Design W. Samuel Easterling
S 4 Stability Analysis A. Surovek
S 5 Stability Under Fire Demands Donald R. Sherman
S 6 Stability Under Seismic Demands Donald White
S 7 Frame Stability LeRoy Lutz
S 8 Thin-Walled Steel Member Stability Roger LaBoube
S 9 Beedle Presentation Session Benjamin W. Schafer
S 10 Girder and Truss Stability D. Camotim
S 11 Member Stability Clarence Miller
SC1: Effective Steel Design: Design of an Industrial Crane Building James M. Fisher