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Welcome to AISC's ePubs and freePubs collection, the place to start when you're looking for technical information. The collection features free content--such AISC's latest standards and specifications--and members-only content available to AISC members as part of their ePubs member benefit. Members must be logged into the AISC web site to access these additional resources.

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Technical Documents    back to top 

Specifications, Codes and Standards

View and download all current AISC standards and specifications in one convenient location. Current specifications and codes are free for everyone.
Steel Construction Manual Resources

We've compiled a list of resources to accompany the 14th edition Steel Construction Manual. This compilation replaces the companion CD-ROM that accompanied previous editions of the Manual.

and more!

Seismic Design
This collection of resources for seismic design complements the 2nd edition Seismic Design Manual.

Design Guides
AISC Design Guides 1-30 are available for download in PDF format. Members can download them free.

Engineering Journal
The only technical journal in the U.S. devoted exclusively to the design of steel structures. The current issue is free to view with our digital reader, but only members can download and save PDFs for free.

Special Topics

Find publications on fire design, blast, progressive collapse, fatigue, and non-building structures here. Most are free downloads.

    • Fire Design
    • Blast and Progressive Collapse
    • Fatigue
    • Industrial and Non-Building Structures

Revisions and Errata
Make sure your publications stay up-to-date by checking this list. Let us know if you find something amiss in a publication by emailing the Steel Solutions Center.

Ideas + Answers   back to top 
Steel Solutions Center

Visit AISC's Steel Solutions Center for project solutions using structural steel framing. This is a free service available to all. The Steel Solutions Center also plays a major role developing the following resources:

    • Engineering FAQs, a collection of frequently asked questions.
    • Steel Interchange, a monthly Modern Steel Construction column featuring answers to technical questions submitted to the AISC Steel Solutions Center.
    • SteelWise, periodic Modern Steel Construction feature on technical topics.

Need more help? Just ask AISC.

AISC's Steel Solutions Center facilitates a FREE online community for file sharing and social networking at www.steeltools.org. Join in!

Project Solutions

The Steel Solutions Center is ready to help make your next project a steel project.

Browse our collection of vintage case studies:

Are bridges your thing? Visit the National Steel Bridge Alliance channel. Browse NSBA's historic collection of Prize Bridge winners here.

Modern Steel Construction


AISC's monthly industry publication. View the complete archive starting in 1961, free.

Materials for Architects

Free publications covering architectural issues including design ideas, structural systems concepts, and economical architectural details.

Free publications discussing the benefits and provide ideas regarding the use of structural steel on all types of building projects.

References   back to top 

Detailing Resources
Detailing for Steel Construction
, 3rd Edition, is a popular reference for basic structural steel detailing conventions. AISC's Detailing Cards provide dimensions for detailing in a convenient format. AISC's first detailer training series CDs are available for free downloading by AISC members.
Research Library 
Browse AISC's research report collection and read about ongoing projects. 

Conference Proceedings

NASCC: The Steel Conference proceedings are searchable online. 

    • NASCC papers are free to members.
    • NASCC sessions, slides and audio, from 2008 to the present, are available free online to everyone. Learn more about the conference here.
    • AISC's T.R. Higgins Award is presented annually to an outstanding lecturer and author. We've collected a list of all of our Higgins winners along with links to their papers (free to members) here.

Structural Stability Research Council Annual Technical Session proceedings from 1976 to the present are available free to AISC members.

Connections in Steel Structures: Behavior, Strength and Design is an international conference supported by organizations from around the globe. Proceedings from Connections I through Connections VI are online.

Historic Standards
Past versions of AISC standards and specifications are available here. Members have access to the complete history at no charge. 

Historic Steel Construction Manuals

This collection of AISC manuals, from the first through the seventh editions, is available free to AISC members.

Historic Shape Producers
A collection of shape catalogs from early shape producers is available here. Members have access to the complete collection at no charge.

Out-of-Print Publications
Looking for an old AISC publication referenced by an unfamiliar number? Look here first. Some older publications can be downloaded for free and others have present-day equivalents.

Selected References
Structural steel-related publications available from other publishers.

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