Materials for Architects

AISC's website has a lot of valuable information for Architects. We have created the list here as highlights of this information.

Architecturally Exposed Structural Steel [F025-03]
A set of guidelines developed to assist in the specification of AESS previously published in Modern Steel Construction. The goal of these tools is to allow the designer to communicate the desired appearance in a format that contractors can price/budget/bid more appropriately.
Sample AESS specification text is also available separately in MS-Word format for easy editing & inclusion in your job specs.

Bending and Rolling of Structural Steel for the Architect and Engineer [F045-06]
A guide showcasing various projects that utilize curved steel. This guide explores the benefits of using curved steel, while answering the questions: Who curves steel? Where can you use steel? How do you curve it? Is it easy? Where can I find additional information? In-depth answers to these questions provide engineers and architects with valuable knowledge about bending steel.

Bending and Rolling of Structural Steel - Specifiers [F045-07]
This guide helps clarify terminology and geometry for specifying curved structural steel members. Being able to specify a curved piece of steel—and knowing that a detailer, fabricator, and bender-roller will be able to create that piece—is one step towards a successful curved steel project.

Comparison of Structural Performance of Multi-Story Buildings Under Extreme Events [F039-04]
A 53-page report providing a structural engineering review and objective assessment of multi-story building collapses in the U.S. due to extreme events including blast, impact, and fire. The following events and buildings associated with them are documented: The 1993 World Trade Center bombing, the 1995 Murrah Federal Building in Oklahoma bombing, the September 11 attacks on the Pentagon in Washington DC and World Trade Center towers, and surrounding buildings in NYC.

Innovative Solutions in Steel: Open-Deck Parking Structures [F016-02]
A fact-filled 30-page booklet for owners, developers, architects and consultants providing background on design issues and parameters for open deck parking structures. An evaluation of the benefits of utilizing a structural steel framing system is included.
This brochure is available for free download here.

Steel  - Framed Office Buildings - Meeting the Challenges of the 21st Century [F044-06]
This 11-page color brochure offers case studies of various office buildings, and details how steel acted as a solution for an array of challenges these projects faced.

Structural Steel Framing Solutions for Multi-Story Residential Buildings [F021-02]
A 16-page color brochure featuring steel solutions for hotels, dormitories, apartment buildings and luxury condominiums.
This brochure is available for free download here.

Innovations in Steel Passenger Stations Around the World [F065-94]
A 30-page color brochure examining how transportation, steel, and architecture have combined forces resulting in successful transportation stations around the world. Specific structural modes addressed are: roofs and canopies, individual stations, integrated transport systems, stations and urban development.

Innovations in Steel Sports Structures Around the World [F066-98]
A 30-page color brochure highlighting the use of structural steel in sports stadiums around the world. The brochure covers a range of projects, from stadiums with seating capacities of 80,000 to roofs covering basketball courts, this brochure explains why steel has become the material of choice for sports structures throughout the world.