2013 Exhibitors

Desk Hours
Hall Hours
Tuesday April 16   noon-4:00 p.m.  --  --  --
Wednesday April 17   7:00 a.m.-7:00 a.m. 2:30 p.m.-7:30p.m.   Coffee Break &
Welcome Reception
 8:00 a.m. - noon
(optional short courses)
12:30 p.m.-6:00 p.m.
Thursday April 18   6:30 a.m. -5:00 p.m.  9:00 a.m.-5:30 p.m.  Coffee Breaks, Lunch,
Conference Dinner
 8:00 a.m-5:15 p.m.
Friday April 19  6:30 a.m. - 3:00 p.m.   9:00 a.m.-2:00 p.m.  Coffee Break & Lunch  8:00 a.m.-5:00 p.m.

Exhibitor Prospectus Floor Plan
Expected Exhibitors Exhibit Space Application 
(To complete application electronically, click on field next to
"Key Contact Person" then "Tab" through the rest of the form)

Please contact Renae Gurthet for additional information regarding NASCC: The Steel Conference exhibit booth space and how to become an exhibitor.

                    Renae Gurthet
NASCC/WSBS Exhibit Booth Sales
                    Phone: 231.995.0637
                    Mobile: 231.631.4614
                    [email protected]

Interested in Sponsorship? View the sponsorship opportunities and contact Elizabeth Purdy for additional information.

                    Elizabeth Purdy, CMP
                    Director of Meetings & Conferences
                    Phone: 312.670.5438
                    Mobile: 312.532.8053
                    [email protected]

Want to advertise in Modern Steel Construction? Contact Louis Gurthet for additional information.

                    Louis Gurthet
                    Sales Manager
                    Phone: 231.228.2274
                    [email protected]

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Exhibitor Services Kit
The link to the online exhibitor services kit was sent via email to each exhibiting company's booth coordinator in December 2012. To view the exhibitor services kit online please click here. If you did not receive your exhibitor services kit, or you have questions about its contents, please contact Freeman at 888.508.5054 or [email protected].

Exhibitor Registration
Registration instructions (including username and password) were sent to the booth coordinator for each exhibiting company from [email protected]in December 2012. All exhibitor registrations must be done online. If you have any questions, please contact Corinna de Behr at [email protected]

Pre- and Post- Conference List of Attendees to NASCC: The Steel Conference Exhibitors
As a benefit to our exhibitors, a modified list of registered conference attendees (email addresses included) was sent via email to the designated booth coordinators 4 weeks prior to the start of the conference and will be sent again 2 weeks prior to the start of the conference. At the time of registration, attendees will be given the chance to opt out of being included on such lists so those registrants will not be included. A final attendee list of all conference attendees will be sent to exhibitors (mailing addresses only; email addresses not included) approximately 30 days following the close of the conference.

To view a list of companies whose representatives attended last year's NASCC: The Steel Conference, click here.

Future NASCC: The Steel Conference Dates and Locations:

      • March 26-29, 2014 - Toronto, Ontario
      • March 25-28, 2015 - Nashville, Tennessee
      • April 13-15, 2016 - Orlando, Florida


2013 NASCC: The Steel Conference
List of Expected Exhibitors as of April 13, 2013 (sorted by Exhibitor Name)
Click here to download and print the list

Abrasive and Fastening Solutions Inc. 934 www.abrafast.com
AceCad Software Inc. 933 www.acecadsoftware.com
AGT 645 www.agtech.qc.ca
Ajan Elektronik Servis San. Ve Tic. Ltd. Sti. 644 www.ajancnc.com
Allied Machine & Engineering Corp 615 www.alliedmachine.com
American Galvanizers Association 1240 www.galvanizeit.org
American Institute of Steel Construction (AISC) 1045 www.aisc.org
American Iron and Steel Institute 1605 www.steel.org   
American Punch Company 625 www.americanpunchco.com
American Welding Society 1538 www.aws.org
Applied Bolting Technology, Inc. 1219 www.appliedbolting.com
Armadillo Noise & Vibration 1609 www.armadillonv.com
ArcelorMittal International 1207 www.arcelormittal.com
Atema Inc. 1307 www.atema.com
Atlas Tube, Division of JMC Steel Group  1039 www.atlastube.com
Atlatl 224 www.atlatlsoftware.com
Atlanta Rod & Mfg. Co. 1502 www.atlrod.com
Azco Steel Co. 1206 www.azcosteel.com
AZZ Galvanizing Services 1112 www.azzgalvanizing.com
Behringer Saws Inc. 205 www.behringersaws.com
BendTec, Inc. 1314 www.bendtec.com
Bentley Systems, Incorporated 919 www.Bentley.com
Birmingham Fastener, Inc. 715 www.bhamfast.com
Birmingham Rail & Locomotive Co 1432 www.birminghamrail.com
Blair Corporation 735 www.blairwirerope.com
Bluebeam Software, Inc. 1433 www.bluebeam.com
Brown Consulting Services, Inc. 1431 www.steelconnectiondesign.com
Buckner Companies 830 www.bucknercompanies.com
Bull Moose Tube Company 844 www.bullmoosetube.com
CAMBCO 709 www.cambcoinc.com
Canadian Institute of Steel Construction (CISC) 1604 www.cisc-icca.ca
CanamUnited States, a division of Canam Group Inc. 1203 www.canam.ws
Cast ConneX Corporation 1241 www.castconnex.com
Cerabco Ltd. 1331 www.cerbaco.com
Chatham Steel Corporation 1115 www.chathamsteel.com
Chicago Clamp Company 1334 www.chicagoclampcompany.com
Chicago Metal Rolled Products 1139 www.cmrp.com
Cleveland City Forge 839 www.clevelandcityforge.com
Cleveland Punch & Die Company 611 www.clevelandpunch.com
CMC Steel Products 1025 www.cmcsteelproducts.com
Combilift USA 1518 www.combilift.com
COMEQ, Inc. 332 www.comeq.com
Cometto Industrie SPA 1534 www.cometto.com
Commercial Metals Co. (CMC) 1025 www.cmc.com
COMSLAB ® 1402 www.bmp-group.com
Controlled Automation, Inc. 425 www.controlledautomation.com
ConXtech, Inc. 819 www.conxtech.com
Copper State Bolt and Nut 938 www.copperstate.com
Core Brace, LLC 1138 www.corebrace.com
Crest Steel 708 www.creststeel.com
CS Unitec 1118 www.csunitec.com
CSC, Inc. 930 www.cscworld.com
D.S. Brown Company, The 712 www.dsbrown.com
DACS, Inc. 1430 www.dacsinc.com
Daito U.S.A., Inc. 217 www.daitousa.com
Danny's Construction Company, LLC 1625 www.dannysconstruction.com
Davi, Inc. 336 www.davi.com
Delta Structural Steel Services Group 808 www.degroup.com
Descon Plus, Ltd. 1333 www.desconplus.com
Design Data 905 www.sds2.com
DGS Technical Services, Inc. 1035 www.dgsts.com
Dlubal Engineering Software 1032 www.dlubal.com
Dowco Consultants Ltd. 1125 www.dowco.com
Duncan Galvanizing 1235 www.duncangalvanizing.com
Eastern Pneumatics & Hydraulics, Inc./McCann Equipment Ltd. 1420 www.ephtools.com
eCADsystems, LLC 1035 www.ecadsystems.com
Engineering Ministeries International 1631 www.emiworld.org
ESAB Welding & Cutting Products 1111 www.esabna.com
Fab-Line Machinery, LLC 641 www.fab-line.com
Fabreeka International, Inc. 1134 www.fabreeka.com
FabSuite, LLC 1425 www.fabsuite.com
FabTrol Systems, Inc. 1119 www.fabtrol.com
FEIN Power Tools Inc. 1519 www.feinus.com
Fibercon International Inc. 1611 www.fiberconfiber.com
Ficep Corporation 624 www.ficepcorp.com
Freedom Tools LLC 1406 www.freedomtoolsllc.com
G.W.Y., Inc. 1339 www.gwyinc.com
G2G Engineering Services Private Limited 1607 www.gen2global.com
Gantrex, Inc. 1503 www.gantrex.com
Gerard Daniel Worldwide 1511 www.gerarddaniel.com/architectural
Gerdau 813 www.gerdau.com/longsteel
Girder-Slab Technologies, LLC 1013 www.girder-slab.com
Graitec 1131 www.graitec.com
Grating Fasteners, LLC 1629 www.gclips.com
GT STRUDL 834 www.gtstrudl.gatech.edu
Haydon Bolts, Inc. 1213 www.haydonbolts.com
Hercules Bolt Company 1238 www.herculesbolt.com
HGG Profiling Equipment 639 www.hgg-group.com
Hilti Inc. 1438 www.hilti.com
HIPOWER 1445 www.hipowersystems.com
Holloway Company, Inc. 1332 www.hollowaycompanyinc.com
Hougen Manufacturing, Inc. 706 www.hougen.com
House of Threads 1335 www.houseofthreads.com
Hutchinson Industries, Inc. 1413 www.hutchinsoninc.com
Hypertherm, Inc. 1040 www.hypertherm.com
Image Stud Welding 832 www.bluearcstudwelding.com
Infasco / Ifastgroupe 1617 www.infasco.com
Info Sight Corporation 1202 www.infosight.com
Infra-Metals Co. 607 www.infra-metals.com
Intelligent Engineering - SPS 939 www.ie-sps.com
International Design Services, Inc. 915 www.ids-inc.net
Inventory Sales Co. 1612 www.inventorysales.com
Ironworker Management Progressive Action Cooperative Trust (IMPACT) 1239 www.impact-net.org
J.B. Long, Inc. 714 www.jblong.com
Kinetic Cutting Systems, Inc. 441 www.kineticusa.com
Kloeckner Metals 1302 www.kloecknermetals.com
LARSA, Inc. 1434 www.larsa4d.com
LeJeune Bolt Company 1231 www.lejeunebolt.com
Lincoln Electric 805 www.lincolnelectric.com
Lindapter USA 1325 www.lindapterusa.com
LNA Solutions 707 www.lnasolutions.com
Lohr Structural Fasteners, Inc. 1034 www.lohrfasteners.com
LS Industries 726 www.lsindustries.com
LTC, Inc. 724 www.ltcsteeldetailers.com
LUSAS 1435 www.lusas.com
M.K. Morse Company, The 738 www.mkmorse.com
Macalloy 1615 www.macalloy.com
Madison Chemical Industries Inc. 1630 www.madisonchemical.com
Magni Group, The 745 www.themagnigroup.com
Marubeni-Itochu Steel America, Inc. (MISA) 1403 www.misa.com
Max Weiss Co., LLC 1411 www.maxweiss.com
MDX Software 1539 www.mdxsoftware.com
Mecco Marking & Traceability 840 www.mecco.com
Metal Dek Group, a unit of CSi 1130 www.csisteel.com
Metal Improvement Company 1415 www.metalimprovement.com
Metals Supply Co., Ltd. 1410 www.metalssupply.com
Metals USA 619 www.metalsusa.com
Meyer Borgman Johnson 1507 www.mbjeng.com
Millennium Torque & Tensioning, Inc. 1514   www.milltorc.com 
Miscellanea, by Contract Services Corporation 1312 www.cscassd.com
Mitsui & Co. (USA), Inc. 1403 www.mitsui.com
Modern Steel Construction magazine 1545 www.modernsteel.com
Mold-Tek Technologies Ltd. 1303  www.moldtekindia.com
National Institute of Steel Detailing, Inc. 1606 www.nisd.org
National Steel Bridge Alliance 1045  www.steelbridges.org
New Millennium Building Systems 1225 www.newmill.com
New Rule Products 1505 www.newruleproducts.com
Nippon Steel & Sumitomo Metal Corporation 1403 www.nssmc.com
Nitto Kohki U.S.A., Inc. 838  www.nittokohki.com
Nucor - Corporation 1005 & 1105 www.nucor.com
Nucor - Fastener Division 1005 & 1105 www.nucor-fastener.com
Nucor - Fisher & Ludlow Grating Products 1103 www.fisherludlow.com
Nucor - Plate Mill Group 1005 & 1105 www.nucorhertford.com and www.nucortusk.com
Nucor - Verco Decking, Inc. 1005 & 1105  www.vercodeck.com
Nucor - Vulcraft Group 1005 &1105 www.vulcraft.com
Nucor -Yamato Steel Company 1005 & 1105  www.nucoryamato.com
Ocean Machinery, Inc. 404 www.oceanmachinery.com
P2 Programs 1419 www.p2programs.com
Pacific Stair Corporation 1344 www.pacificstair.com
Pan Gulf Technologies Pvt. Ltd. 1330 www.pangulftech.com
Pannier Corporation 731 www.pannier.com
Paramount Roll & Forming, Inc. 1404 www.paramount-roll.com
PDM Steel Service Centers, Inc. 739 www.pdmsteel.com
Peddinghaus Corporation 405 www.peddinghaus.com
Pieresearch 1234 www.pieresearch.com
Platte Anchor Bolt Co. 744 www.platteanchorbolt.com
Prodevco Industries TBD www.pcr42.com
PythonX - Burlington Automation 631  www.PythonX.com
Quebec Detailing Connection 719 www.quebecconnection.com
Radley Corporation 1315  www.RADLEY.com
Real Technology LLC 1515 www.realtechcad.net
RISA Technologies 725  www.risatech.com
Ronstan Tensile Architecture 1623  www.ronstanarchitectural.com/arch_us
SE University by SE Solutions, LLC 1044  www.LearnWithSEU.com
Seismic Structural Design Associates (SSDA) 1602 www.slottedweb.com
S-Frame Software 1033  www.s-frame.com
Sherwin-Williams Protective and Marine 1319  www.sherwin-williams.com/im
Shop Data Systems, Inc. 613 www.shopdata.com
Short Span Steel Bridge Alliance 1340 www.shortspansteelbridges.org
SidePlate Systems, Inc. 918  www.sideplate.com
Simsona Corp. 1506 www.simsona.com
Skidmore Wilhelm 1418  www.skidmore-wilhelm.com
SKM Industries, Inc. 1530  www.skmproducts.com
SRG Onesource 1215  www.srgonesource.com
St. Louis Screw & Bolt 1211  www.stlouisscrewbolt.com
Stainless Structurals, LLC 1019 www.sss.us.com
Star Seismic 810  www.starseismic.net
Steel City Bolt & Screw 1621 www.boltscrew.com
Steel Deck Institute 1038 www.sdi.org
Steel Erectors Association of America 941 www.seaa.net
Steel Founders’ Society of America 1504 www.sfsa.org
Steel Joist Institute 1510 www.steeljoist.org
Steel Mergers & Acquisitions LLC 845 www.steelmergers.com
Steel Projects 624 www.steel-projects.com
Steel Studio Inc. 1610 www.steelconnectionstudio.com
Steel Tube Institute 1245 www.steeltubeinstitute.org
Steel Works Bolt Company LLC 845 www.steelworkbolts.com
Steelmax Tools, LLC 718  www.steelmax.com
SteelOrbis 1619 www.steelorbis.com
Strand7 Pty Ltd 1439  www.strand7.com
StruCIM 230 www.strucim.com
Structural Desktop, Inc. 835  www.structuraldesktop.com
Structural Engineer / ZweigWhite 1613 www.gostructural.com
Structural Engineering Institute of ASCE 1338 www.asce.org/SEI
Structural Engineer's Association of Kansas and Missouri (SEAKM) 1532 www.seakm.com
Structural Stability Research Council 945 http://www.stabilitycouncil.org
Sugar Steel Corporation 1412 www.sugarsteel.com
Taylor Devices, Inc. 1521  www.taylordevices.com
TDS Industrial Services Ltd. 1031  www.tdsindustrial.com
TechFlow, Inc. 1221  www.techflowengg.com
Tekla, Inc. 925 & 931  www.tekla.com
Tennessee Galvanizing, Inc. 1135  www.tennesseegalvanizing.com
Totten Tubes, Inc. 1404 www.tottentubes.com
Triad Metals International 1603 www.triadmetals.com
Trilogy Machinery, Inc. 831 www.trilogymachinery.com
Turnasure, LLC 1311  www.turnasure.com
Tuttle Railing Systems 1618 www.tuttlerailings.com
Unbonded Brace™ 1405 www.unbondedbrace.com
Unibor 1313 www.unibor.com
V&S Galvanizing 1531  www.hotdipgalvanizing.com
Valmont Coatings 1318  www.valmont.com
Viking Blast & Wash Systems 1535 www.vikingcorporation.com
Virginia Tech Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering 1512 www.cee.vt.edu
Voortman Corporation 324  www.voortmancorp.com
Voss Engineering, Inc. 1627  www.vossengineering.com
Walker Magnetics 711  www.walkermagnet.com



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