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Online Conference Proceedings

2012 NASCC Presentations - April 18-20, 2012 - Grapevine, Texas

Note: video Some sessions are also available in MP4 format, with speaker video. Click the icon, where available, to view sessions in this format. Also note that video pages may take a few moments to load.

ID Title MP4 Speaker(s)
B1           Analysis of Steel Bridges   Domenic Coletti, Craig Quadrato, Donald White
B2 Accelerated Bridge Construction: Lessons Learned   Ahmed Abu-Hawash, Shoukry Elnahal, Tim Noles
B3 The New Lake Champlain Bridge   Ted Zoli
B4 Orthotropic Steel Decks   Brian Kozy, Sougata Roy
B5 New SIMON Software   Frank Russo
B6 Ideas from Abroad   Alessio Pipinto, Juan Sobrino, Thomas Spoth
B7 Design of Steel Plate Girders   Michelle Romage-Chambers, Chris Stine, Preston Vineyard
B8 Bridge Potpourri I   Caroline Bennet, Steve Olson, Andres Sanches
B9 Pedestrian Bridges   Craig Finley, Kent LaRose, Doug Sarkkinen
B10 Steel Bridge Fabrication   Karl Frank, Ronnie Medlock, Hormoz Seradj
B11 BIM for Bridges, or Is It BrIM?   Chris DuBois, Lana Potopove
B12 The Science & Art of Cold Bending   Jim Collins, Al Pense, George Wendt
B13 Tub Girder Bridges   Vincent Gastoni, Gregory Kochersperger
B14 Fracture Critical   Robert Connor, Patrick Gallagher
B15 Arch Bridges   Greg Hasbrouk, Hussein Khalil
B16 Bridge Potpourri II   Karl Barth, Hongzhi Zhang
BK1 A Designer's Perspective on the Steel Bridge Industry   Peter Taylor 
G1 Strategies to Minimize Thermal Steel Bridging   James D'Aloisio, Tabitha Stine
G2 Steel Sustainability Toolkit   Geoff Weisenberger
G3 Lean and Green   Bret Firebaugh, Bob Hazelton, Sarah Zdarko
G4 The Fabricator's Role in Sustainability   Lawrence Kruth, Tim Mrozowski
G5 What is "Green" Steel   John Cross, Geoff Weisenberger
G6 Gaining a Green Advantage   Angela Stephens
G7 Green Engineering   Robert Otani, Wolfgang Werner
G8 LEED Issues for the Steel Industry   Kerry Roetzel, Terry Salazar
G9 Designing Green by the Book: The IGCC   John Cross
G10 Carbon Footprint-- What's in a Number?   Geoff Weisenberger
K2 2012 T.R. Higgins Award Lecture: Steel Plate Shear Wall Design   Michel Bruneau
N1 Expansion and Seismic Joints in Steel-Framed Buildings video James Fisher, Mark Saunders
N2 Industrial/Non-Building Structures Design Challenges  
Bo Dowswell, Richard Drake, Robert Tremblay
N3 Erection Engineering: The Science Behind the Art video Will Jacobs, Clint Rex
N4 Floor Vibrations Beyond AISC Design Guide 11 (Floor Vibrations Due to Human Activity) video Brad Davis, Thomas Murray
N5 Structural Steel Becoming Arch itecture: Case Studies of Aesthetics, Form and Efficiency video Jon Magnusson
N6 The Bow Tower video Neb Erakovic, Tim Verhey
N7 Combining Steel and Laminated Wood Trusses   Robert Macia, Willie Stewart, Doug Williams
N8 Boeing "Dream Liner"   Jerry Cagle, David Douglass, Brian Norton
N9 Report on the 2011 Tohoku Earthquake and Tsunami video Masayoshi Nakashima, Taichiro Okazaki
N10 Blast Resistant Steel Design video Ramon Gilsanz
N11 AISC 358 Prequalified Connections video Michael Engelhardt
N12 Japanese Research on Super-High-Strength Structural Steel video Masayoshi Nakashima, Masato Ohata, Taichiro Okazaki, Yuzuru Yoshida
N13 Weld Design for Rectangular HSS video Jeffrey Packer
N14 Hybrid Steel Frames video Finley Charney
N15 Excellence in Safety is NO Accident! 3 Million Hours Worked Without a Lost Time Accident: "A Method That Works"   David Harwell, Lawrence Kruth, John Nolan
N17 Avoiding Subcontract Traps   Sewall Cutler
N18 AISC Code of Standard Practice--The Latest and Greatest  
Charles Carter, David Ratterman, James Stori
N19 3D Detailing Software--It's a Big Investment, so What's Your Plan?   Derrick Fitton, Kelly Gardner, Ted Hazeldine, Joel Sell
N20 NISD Detailing Certification Programs  
Mike Bowers, David Merrifield
N21 20 Project Management Tips for Engineers video Carol Post, Jonathan Sladek
N22 Engineering Workflow--Is the Role of Drafter Dead in the 3D World?   Jon Beier, Rob Chmielowski, David Odeh
N23 Proper Application of the Uniform Force Method video Larry Muir
N24 Chapter N Inspection Intervals video Bob Shaw
N25 Modernization of Welding Process through Automation   Jerry Mathison
N26 Torque Vs. Tension   John O'Brien, Mike Howerin
N28 How to Cure your QMS! (Quality Issues and the Fabricator)   Frank Coppola
N29 Constructing the Ideal Employee   Deborah Avrin
N30 The Numbers Don't Lie... Most of the Time   Frank Coppola
N31 Steel Joists and Wind Uplift   Rick Jensen, Michael Roach
N32 Steel Design and Construction Innovations   Judy Liu, Andrea Surovek
N33 Lifestyle Behavior and Its Impact on Profitability   Matthew Scott
N34 Risk Reduction Toolbox   Matthew Scott
N35 Documentation Requirements for the Fabrication Project Manager   Matthew Gillies, David Ratterman, Terry Zwick
N37 Tips for Validating the Results of Structural Engineering Software video Clifford Schwinger
N38 Unified Design Approach to Buckling Restrained Braced Frame Design   Ryan Kersting, Kimberly Robinson, Brandt Saxey
N39 Marlins Ballpark Retractable Roof Erection   Curtis Mayes
N40 The Importance of Internal Auditing   Larry Martof, Mark Trimble
N41 Marketing that Works: Tools & Tips for Fabricators, Erectors and Service Centers   Ross Allbritton
N42 Fatigue of Welded Connections: A Primer - Part I   Duane Miller
N42-1 Fatigue of Welded Connections: A Primer - Part II  
N43 Welding Metallurgy for the Structural Engineer - Part I video Duane Miller
N43-1 Welding Metallurgy for the Structural Engineer - Part II video
N44 Shop Drawings and the SER :To Do or Not to Do? That is the Question   Darren Hartman, Chet McPhatter, Tom Vossmeyer
N45 Design of Horizontal Diaphragms and Collector Beams for Seismic Lateral Load Resisting Systems video John Rolfes
N46 Tips on Designing Lifting Beams and Hitches video William Merrell
N47 Crisis Management   Frank Kollman
N48 The ABC's of Field Measuring video Guy DonCarlos, Scott Roark
N49 Master’s Class: Top Designers and Their Top Projects   Lawrence Griffis, John Hooper, R. Shankar Nair, Ahmad Rahimian, Ted Zoli
N50 MythBusters: The Connection Edition   Carol Drucker
N51 The Construction Market: Are We Still Stuck in Neutral? video John Cross
N52 The 2011 AISC Standard for Steel Bridges   Jimmy Smith, Michael West
N53 What is on the Horizon for the AISC Certification Programs   Jacques Cattan
N56 The Case of the Disappearing Right Angle: Challenges in Innovative Architectural Steel   Terri Meyer Boake
R1 A Story about the Principles of Constructability: The John Hancock Building   Ruby University
R2 To Camber or Not to Camber   Ruby University
R3 (Are You) Lord of the Tension Ring?   Ruby University
R4 Lack of Lateral Stability Leads to an Ugly Twist!   Ruby University
R5 What Modeling Does and Doesn't Do: The Impact of Technology on Profitability, Standard of Care, and Risk Management   Ruby University
S1 Advances in Stability Analysis and Design   Ronald Ziemian
S2 Stability of Purlins and Joists   Brian Miller
S3 Bridge Stability and Bracing   Donald White
S4 Lack of Lateral Stability Leads to an Ugly Twist!   LeRoy Lutz
S5 Cold-Formed Steel Member Stability   Roger LaBoube
S6 Member Stability   Dinar Camotim
S7 Member Stability Under Fire   Amit Varma
S8 Castellated/Cellular and Corrugated Web Beams   Andrea Surovek
S9 Beedle Presentation Session   Benjamin Schafer
S10 HSS and Panel Stability   Donald Sherman
S11 Vinnakota Award Session and Plate Girders   Todd Helwig
SC1 Seismic Moment Frame Design   Thomas A. Sabol
SC2 Dos and Don’ts of Steel Design   Carol Drucker
T1 No Geeks? No Problem   Chris Fischer, Chad Stout
T2 Demystifying Integrated Project Delivery (IPD)   Baris Lostuvari, David Merrifield, David Odeh, Scott Simpson, Matt Gilles
T3 BIM Workflow--Lessons Learned   Brian Cobb, Warren Goodrich
T4 Design-Assist: A Model Approach to Better Projects   Scott Ricks, Jimmy Smith
T5 The Risks of Technology- A Legal Viewpoint   Matthew Gillies, Angela Stephens
T6 What Will the Business of Steel Construction Look Like in 2030   Bob Hazelton
T7 Extending the Office to the Field   Robert Beck, Chris Fischer, Lee Snyder, Duff Zimmerman
T8 Beyond the Rolling Schedule   Matt Gomez, Mark Holland
T9 BIM Model--Approved!   Adam Azofeifa, John Cooper, Wayne Morrison
T10 Your model, their technology. Hear from the vendors who make your models possible.   Barry Butler, Mike Gustafson, Sarah Hodges, Brian Johnson, Raoul Karp, Gary Wyatt
Y1 So You Want to be a Structural Engineer?   Theodore P. Zoli, Lawrence G. Griffis