Shop Model Review and Approval  

More and more project teams are discovering the advantages of using a model either alongside or in lieu of traditional shop drawings. Project teams seeking more efficient and accurate means of reviewing drawings have discovered that review and approval via model offers just that. Through decades of experience, the structural steel industry is a uniquely qualified partner for projects using model approval.

While model review is not yet  commonplace, its use continues to expand and the majority of engineers believe that it will be the industry norm within ten years if not sooner. AISC is dedicated to helping the design and construction industry increase its use of model review and approval from its current 10% to 18% by 2015.

What are the benefits of Shop Model Review and Approval?

Drawings don’t need to be produced or edited until after approval. In fact, they only need to be produced for the fabrication process. Drawing production and editing can account for up to 35% of drafting time, so shifting this effort and reducing it has considerable benefits.

    • The context of elements being approved is immediately apparent (no thumbing through drawings or looking up piece marks).
    • The audit/data trail can be stored in a single data base.
    • Equipment (copiers/printers) and maintenance needs are reduced.
    • There’s no need for a separate drawing log and management t system for approval of drawings.
    • Collaboration for questions/answers or approval comments becomes much simpler.
    • Approvals happen faster, meaning faster progress towards fabrication and erection and in the end, a shorter schedule.

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