Detailing Resources

Detailing Manual

The 3rd Edition of Detailing for Steel Construction covers structural steel detailing conventions. It is based on ANSI/AISC 360-05, Specification for Structural Steel Buildings, and ANSI/AISC 341-05, Seismic Provisions for Structural Steel Buildings. Topics include:

      • general fabrication requirements
      • contract documents
      • common connection details
      • basic detailing conventions
      • project setup and control
      • erection drawings
      • shop drawings
      • bills of materials
      • detailing quality control and assurance

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Detailing Cards

A set of two printed, laminated cards presenting a summary of typical detailing dimensions for beams and columns.
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Detailer Training Series CD Course v3.0 (2000)

AISC and NISD jointly created a series of 12 detailer training CDs in 2000. These CDs contained MPG instructional videos and PDFs of example drawings covering the basics of the structural steel industry and 2D detailing. As a courtesy to AISC members, the contents of these CDs are available in AISC's ePubs collection.

A 32-bit Windows operating system is required to install the original navigation program. Due to the age of the software, AISC is unable to provide further technical support for installing or operating the original program. Some older troubleshooting FAQs may be found here. You may wish to review the suggestions here as well. Note that the MPG videos and PDFs are viewable manually using contemporary software programs.

You may find it necessary to run the DTS software using a compatibility mode; some users report success using Windows 95 Compatability settings. Please note, getting this software to work as orignally intended on a modern computer may require significant effort with no guarantee of eventual success. You may wish to consider simply reviewing the movies and associated files manually, rather than trying to use the original instructional interface. Download ZIP files of the CD contents below:

 Small Lock Icon   Module 1 - Introduction to the Structural Steel Industry 205 MB
 Small Lock Icon  Module 2 - Part A - Plain Materials and Construction Documents 215 MB
 Small Lock Icon  Module 2 - Part B - Plain Materials and Construction Documents  71 MB
 Small Lock Icon  Module 3 - Bolting and Welding  224 MB
 Small Lock Icon  Module 4 - Part A - Beams without Bracing Connections  132 MB
 Small Lock Icon  Module 4 - Part B - Beams without Bracing Connections  83 MB
 Small Lock Icon  Module 4 - Part C - Beams without Bracing Connections 73 MB
 Small Lock Icon  Module 5 - Girders - Unbraced 69 MB
 Small Lock Icon  Module 6 - Single Tier Columns 67 MB
 Small Lock Icon  Module 7 - Vertical Bracing 83 MB
 Small Lock Icon  Module 8 - Horizontal Bracing 77 MB
 Small Lock Icon  Module 9 - Sundry Items (Girts, Stiffeners, Skewed Beams, etc.) 58 MB
 Small Lock Icon  Module 10 - Good Detailing Practices 91.7 MB

Module 1: DTS_MOD_1
Module 2 A: DTS_2A_FINAL_580
Module 2 B: 000508_1004
Module 3: DTS_M3_FINAL_580
Module 4 A: DTS_MOD_4A_05080
Module 4 B: DTS_4B_FINAL_570
Module 4 C: DTS_MOD_4C_05080
Module 5: DTS_MOD5_FINAL_0
Module 6: DTS_MOD6_082500_
Module 7: DTS_MOD_7
Module 8: DTS_MOD8_082900_
Module 9: DTS_MOD9_082900_
Module 10: DTS_MOD_10

For example, when you make a copy of the Module 1 CD, you should
ensure that you name your copy DTS_MOD_1

Note that capitalization and exact spelling are important.

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