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Developing a Better Way to Buy and Sell Steel

The American Institute of Steel Construction is currently working to develop a better way to buy and sell steel.

What is it?

  • It's called steelXML; a comprehensive XML schema that will be able to accommodate the various transactions that make up the procurement process. Instead of sending a Request for Quotation via fax or email, adopters of the XML  schema will be able to send an electronic file, elimintation re entry of data and decreasing the response time.
  • Buyers and suppliers of steel will be able to use this schema as a platform to develop electronic data interchange (EDI) for each of the various transactions. The format of the EDI transactions will be standard, meaning that any supplier can communicate with any buyers so long as they have both adopted the XML schema.
  • steelXML will  provide a common platform to for the electronic exchange of; Inquiry, RFQ, Purchase Orders, Additional services, Schedule, Material Test Reports

Who is involved in its development?

  • A working group consisting of major steel mills, steel service centers, fabricators and software vendors with oversight by AISC. Over the past few months a focus group has been working on discovering the best way to streamline and standardize every aspect and transaction involved in the steel procurement process
  • The technical development of the schema is being undertaken by Georgia Institute of Technology.


When will I see the benefits?

  • It depends how quickly it's adopted: The first portion of the schema (Inquiry and RFQ) is available for free to the public . Other sub schemas are available as a pre-release for testing and review for parties that are interested in feedback.
  •  Several participating companies have already implemented part of the schema, but to be successful, we need participation not just from software vendors, but from steel suppliers as well.



More Information:


  • steelXML development web portal (hosted by Georgia Institute of Technology to help develop the project)
  • sample files, a user guide and other implementation help, including the schema itself are available at the Georgia Tech portal. Note: you will need to register with the site.

Just Released! The steelXML Schema Phase 1:

Volume 1 Overview

Volume 2 Baseline Schema

Volume 4 Request for Quote

Volume 5 (Pre-release) Purchase Order

Volume 7 (Pre-release) Advance Shipping Notice



 PTG updated

Is your supplier involved?


What can I do?

  • In order to be successful, steel service centers, producers and software developers of MIS systems need to find time and reason to implement and support it within their systems: This is the single issue that is out of AISC's control.
  • If, as a fabricator you want to spend less time making better decisions in a shorter amount of time then be sure to let your software supplier and steel suppliers know. We've prepared sample letters to send them.


AISC Technology Integration Committee mission:

"Integrate Technology to Revolutionize the Structural Steel Supply Chain"

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