Resources for people looking for ways to improve their safety programs.

Publications and Other Safety-Related Documents 
Documents developed by AISC to assist active members and associate members with their Safety Programs and Safety Training. They include a Sample Safety Program Elements, top 10 OSHA citations in structural steel fabrication and erection, sample safety forms, and others.

Sample Safety Forms
The safety forms are sample documents compiled by the AISC Safety Committee to be used in the shop or field. They consist of safety checklists, job hazard analyses, equipment inspections, pre-lift assessments, and other various tools. They are sample forms only and must be modified to meet the needs of your specific facility.

Top 10 Federal OSHA Citations
The most frequently cited violations by OSHA for structural steel fabrication and erection are listed for the years between 2009-2011. Links to the most cited safety standard on OSHA's website are provided.

Relevant OSHA Interpretations
A compilation of OSHA interpretations relevant to structural steel fabrication and erection since 2004.

Reviews for Safety Products and Training Videos
Safety products and training videos are reviewed by steel fabricators and erectors for applicability and usefulness in the structural fabrication shop and field.

Links to other resources for safety information pertinent to structural steel fabrication and erection.

Safety related articles from past issues of Modern Steel Construction and other periodicals.

Safety Details
A series of Tool Box talks supervisors can use in periodic safety discussions with their employees.

Safety Ideas Contest
A place to share ideas to make the shop and field safer places to work.

Safety Ideas Entries
Past entries to the Safety Ideas Contest.

Safety Reminders
Daily 10-to-15 minute talks featuring safety tips and topics.

Safety Webinars
Live webinars focused on safety for steel fabricators and erectors.