Safety Ideas Contest

Fabrication shops require specific safety solutions: By sharing your best practices with AISC members, everyone can maintain a higher standard for safety. We are looking for methods to reduce hazards, simple tricks used to prevent accidents, and tips for complying with regulations. We'll post and credit your ideas or tools on our website (see below) for fabricators to use and we'll provide a $100 gift card to the companies with the most creative ideas.

If you, your company or safety committee has a good tip, please send a short description to Tom Schlafly at [email protected] .

Your email should include the following:

  • The name of the person (s) submitting the idea.
  • The idea or tool used to reduce hazards. Your description should communicate the idea and be clear enough to be useable for other shops.
  • Permission from your firm to release the idea so we can add it to our website.


David Sanders, S&S Steel Fabrication: Safety Score Sheet
The Safety Score Sheet is used to help identify and improve safety in your fabrication shop by assessing each area in your shop on a monthly basis. You can't improve what you can't measure -- The score sheet will indicate improvements made and improvements needed in a quick and effective way to eliminate accidents before they happen.

Dave Sailing, Zalk Josephs Fabricators L. L. C.: Trailer Loading Platform
As is common, ZJ loads trailers from the shop floor or their yard using a travel lift. Working on the trailer presented a possible fall hazard: Climbing from the ground to the trailer creates risk of fall and muscle strain and reduced productivity. To reduce these hazards, ZJ built a platform with an extendable lip and a stair on each end. The travel lift will straddle two trailers and the platform. The crew loads from the outside in toward the platform.

Dave Sailing, Zalk Josephs Fabricators L. L. C.: Boom proximity indicator
Cranes have to maintain clearance from the proximity of power lines, but the distance from a line can be hard to judge. One way to judge the distance is to put an extension on a jib and hang a rope from it. If the rope hits the line, the crane is at the limit of the proximity.

Leroy Vanadestine, Cianbro: Reminders
Leroy Vanadestine of Cianbro distributes detailed booklets the size of a checkbook to the supervisors.
The plastic packet includes:

  • The company vision and mission
  • Key elements of success, which shows safety as the first element
  • Their accident prevention process
  • Their safety goal, six safety activities and their safety statistics for the last five years including: hand/finger and eye recordables, as areas they want to concentrate on
  • Financial goals
  • People goals and customer satisfaction goals
  • First aid procedures including some stretches to loosen up
  • A welding symbols chart and a list of matching filler metals
  • Weight and measurement conversions and SI conversion factors
  • A calendar which shows when OSHA logs need to be posted; when certain company required reports are due; when equipment needs to be winterized; and when some seminars, such as right to know and new employee safety will be conducted.