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From typical framing studies to total structural systems, including project costs and schedules, the Steel Solutions Center can provide you with up-to-date information and innovative solutions for your project.

Structural steel is the most popular framing material for non-residential buildings in the U.S. and choosing a framing system is a critical procedure. Explore how the steel solutions center can assist you in the selection process. 

The AISC regional staff covers eight different geographic regions across the U.S. They give more than 50 presentations a year on various steel topics. Learn how our regional staff can work with your company. 

The Steel Solutions Center is for people who need technical assistance, innovative solutions, or tools to make structural steel design even easier. Developed by AISC specifically for steel fabricators, structural engineers, architects, owners, developers and other professionals, the Steel Solutions Center is your number one source of information for structural steel.

Meet the Steel Solutions Center Team!