Milek Fellowship

Each year, AISC selects a promising young university faculty member as the AISC Milek Fellow (formerly the AISC Faculty Fellow). The award was renamed after William A. Milek, Jr., former AISC Vice President of Engineering and Research, to recognize his invaluable contributions to AISC and the structural steel industry as a whole.

Part of the value of this program to AISC, the selected fellow, and the university is the public recognition of the honor. The faculty member whose application is selected will be identified as the AISC Milek Fellow in selected publications and other venues, will be presented with a Milek Fellow certificate, and will receive free registration at NASCC: The Steel Conference for the four years following their selection as Milek Fellow. The faculty member is to use this fellowship to support students with high potential to be valuable contributors to the U.S. structural steel construction industry and should strive to fund a doctoral candidate with at least half of the fellowship money. Names of selected students will be reported to AISC. These graduate students will be named AISC Graduate Fellows and will be announced each year in Modern Steel Construction magazine.


William A. Milek, Jr.


 Application Information 

Application deadline is September 16, 2016.

Submit your hardcopy to:

Thomas J. Schlafly, Director of Research
American Institute of Steel Construction
130 E. Randolph St. Suite 2000
Chicago, IL 60601

Please send your electronic application to:
Tom Schlafly, [email protected] and [email protected].

 Past Faculty Fellows 

Investigator Institution Project
A. Varma Michigan State and Purdue University Thin Floor Systems for Multistory Residential Structures
L. Hanagan Penn State University Design for Vibration
J. Liu Purdue University Slit Steel Shear Walls for Seismic Applications
B. Schafer Johns Hopkins University Cross-Section Stability of Structural Steel
V. Kodur Michigan State Fire Design
J. Berman University of Washington Progressive Collapse
L. Fahnestock University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign Moderate Seismic Design
J. McCormick University of Michigan Seismic Applications of Hollow Structural Sections in Moment-Resisting Frames
S. Chao University of Texas, Arlington Seismic Performance Factors for Steel Staggered Truss and EBF Systems
M. Eatherton Virginia Tech Development of Buckling Resistant Steel Plate Shear Walls
L. Ibarra University of Utah Effect of Buckling Restrained Brace (BRB) Boundary Conditions on the Seismic
Resilience of Braced Frames
M. Pollino Case Western Reserve University Damage Resistant Design Methodology for Multi-Hazard Resilient Buildings
M. Fadden University of Kansas Thin Composite Two-Way Flooring Systems for Structural Steel Systems