Research Committee


The American Institute of Steel Construction is a technical institute and trade association charged with the technical support and promotion of fabricated structural steel construction. The Institute has the privilege and responsibility to develop and maintain, among other documents, the Specification for Structural Steel Buildings, other AISC specifications, and the Steel Construction Manual.

The mission of research initiatives by the Institute is to support the Institute’s goals in the following ways:

I. Maintain the Specification and AISC Steel Construction Manual as world leaders among steel design publications

    A. Promote innovation in the Specification and Manual.

    B. Respond to questions and real and perceived problems related to the Specification and Manual

II. Promote development of innovations in steel design to maintain the competitive posture of the industry.

III. Acquire and maintain a leadership position and authoritative role for the Institute

    A. Support the development of engineering positions to technical issues of interest to the construction community.

    B. Develop a body of knowledge available to and respected by the construction community.

    C. Be the main repository and disseminator of technical information on structural steel.

IV. Cooperate with other institutions, agencies and societies involved in the development of knowledge and innovation in structural steel

V. Support the growth of engineering talent in steel innovation.

VI. Assist in technology transfer from research to practice.

General areas of work include member design, framing schemes, analysis, design office problems, materials, connections, serviceability and performance, corrosion, fire protection, construction and fabrication practices.

Resources will be distributed over short term, immediate benefit (design office problems, detailing and fabricator issues); long-term growth (basic design and analysis); refinement of the specification, and major innovations (breakthrough) and leveraged to the extent possible with interested co-sponsors.

Research at the Institute will be conducted using sound scientific and engineering principles to meet the highest ethical standards. Research will be conducted for the benefit of the structural steel industry, the construction community, and the general public.

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