AISC Certification – Yes, it’s that important.

The AISC Certification process involves an examination to evaluate a company's quality management system rather than the specific product. Certification is based upon a third party audit conducted by people experienced in fabrication and/or erection. Fabricators will be audited to the Standard for Steel Building Structures and erectors will be audited to the appropriate Certification category checklist. Certification looks at processes and procedures, since it's easier to build in quality into a project and impossible to inspect for it after the fact. Our auditors pride themselves on being tough, and companies must correct deficiencies to pass their audit. Certification is one of the only ways a company can let you as the designer/contractor know that they are qualified and certified to provide good quality work.

"Specifying AISC Certification saves me time and provides me with peace of mind that I’m getting a qualified fabricator without the need to visit the shop of everyone bidding on my job."

-Greg Lakota, S.E., P.E., Halvorson and Partners Structural Engineers, Chicago