Robert P. Stupp Award for Leadership Excellence

The Robert P. Stupp Award for Leadership Excellence is given in special recognition to individuals who have provided unparalleled leadership in the steel construction industry. This prestigious award honors those who, through their leadership, have had an outstanding impact on advancing the use of structural steel in the construction industry.


Duane K. Miller, Sc.D, The Lincoln Electric Company, Ohio

Daniel R. DiMicco, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, Nucor Corporation, Charlotte, N.C.

 -- Robert E. Owen, Chairman &CEO, Paxton & Vierling Steel Company, Carter Lake, IA; Missouri Valley Steel Company, Sioux City, IA; Lincoln Structural Solutions, Lincoln, NE; Owen Industries
 -- Terry Peshia, Chairman & CEO, Garbe Iron Works, Inc., Aurora, IL

H. Louis Gurthet, President, American Institute of Steel Construction, Inc., Chicago, IL

Robert D. Freeland, Chairman, Havens Steel Company, Kansas City, MO

F. Kenneth Iverson, Chairman, Nucor Corporation, Charlotte, NC

Robert P. Stupp, Stupp Bros. Bridge & Iron Co., St. Louis, MO

The selection panel will consider the individuals:

      • outstanding impact on the advancement of the use of structural steel;
      • service to the steel construction industry;
      • recognition by other steel industry groups;
      • respect and recognition by his/her peers within the steel construction industry;
      • acknowledgement as having reached the pinnacle of success within the steel construction industry; and
      • demonstrated innovation and originality in providing leadership to the steel construction industry.
      • Please note: Nominees must be living at the time they are nominated.

Also, because of the prestigious nature of this award, it is expected that this award will not be presented annually; rather, it will only be awarded when the selection panel believes that an individual has demonstrated leadership head-and-shoulders above others within the steel construction industry.

To nominate a candidate for the Robert P. Stupp Leadership Award, please email, Roger Ferch, AISC's President. Please include the nominees name and affiliation and a detailed description of the nominees achievements.