Past Winners

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Year  Recipient Topic
1972 Egor P. Popov Small Lock Icon Connections Cyclic Reversal
1973 Lynn S. Beedle Small Lock Icon Plastic Design
1974 Joseph A. Yura Small Lock Icon Effective Column Length
1975 E. Alfred Picardi Small Lock Icon Standard Oil Building
1976 Robert H. Scanlan Small Lock Icon Bridge Aerodynamics
1977 John W. Fisher Small Lock Icon Structural Fatigue
1978 Edward J. Teal Small Lock Icon Seismic Design
1979 John W. Reed Small Lock Icon Human Response to Building Motion
1980 Stanley T. Rolfe Small Lock Icon Fracture and Fatigue Control in Steel Structures
1981 Theodore V. Galambos Small Lock Icon Load and Resistance Factor Design
1982 Conrad P. Heins Small Lock Icon Box Girder Design
1983 Omer W. Blodgett Small Lock Icon Practical Welded Fabrication
1984 James M. Fisher Small Lock Icon Industrial Buildings
1985 W. F. Chen Small Lock Icon LRFD Column Design
1986 Ralph M. Richard Small Lock Icon Single-Plate Framing Connections
1987 Reidar Bjorhovde Small Lock Icon Column Design
1988 Bruce Ellingwood Small Lock Icon Serviceability Criteria
1989 Kurt Gerstle & Michael Ackroyd Small Lock Icon Flexibly Connected Steel Frames
1990 Vitelmo V. Bertero   Earthquake Hazard Reduction (paper not available)
1991 Thomas M. Murray Small Lock Icon Building Floor Vibrations
1992 William McGuire Small Lock Icon Computers and Structural Steel
1993 Roberto Leon Small Lock Icon Semi-rigid Composite Connections
1994 Lawrence Griffis Small Lock Icon Composite Frame Construction
1995 William A. Thornton Small Lock Icon Connections: Art and Science
1996 Donald R. Sherman Small Lock Icon Design With Structural Tubing
1997 Subhash C. Goel Small Lock Icon Ductile Concentrically Braced Frames
1998 Hassan Astaneh Small Lock Icon Seismic Bolted Steel Moment Resisting Frames
1999 Michael D. Engelhardt Small Lock Icon Reduced Beam Section Moment Connections
2000 Louis F. Geschwinder Small Lock Icon A Practical Look at Frame Analysis, Stability, and Leaning Columns
2001 Duane K. Miller Small Lock Icon Effective Visual Inspection to Ensure Weld Quality to Structural Applications
2002 W. Samuel Easterling Small Lock Icon Developments in Long-Span Composite Slabs
2003 John M. Barsom Small Lock Icon Structural Failures: Effects of Joint Design
2004 Lawrence A. Kloiber Small Lock Icon Design of Skewed Connections
2005 Jerome F. Hajjar & Robert J. Dexter Small Lock Icon Column Reinforcement Design for Seismic & Non-Seismic Moment-Resisting Connections in Steel Frame Structures
2006 Ronald O. Hamburger Small Lock Icon Alternative Methods of Evaluating and Achieving Progressive Collapse Resistance
2007 R. Shankar Nair Small Lock Icon Stability and Analysis Provisions of the 2005 AISC Specification for Steel Buildings
2008 Walterio Lopez & Rafael Sabelli Small Lock Icon Seismic Design of Buckling-Restrained Braced Frames
2009 Donald W. White Small Lock Icon Stability Analysis and Design
2010 James O. Malley Small Lock Icon The AISC Seismic Provisions: Past, Present and Future
2011 Charles W. Roeder Small Lock Icon Gusset Plate Connections for Seismic Design
2012 Michel Bruneau Small Lock Icon Steel Plate Shear Walls (SPSW), TEBF, CFST, SF, and Other Short Stories
2013 William F. Baker Small Lock Icon Structural Innovation: Combining Classic Theories with New Technologies
2014 Larry S. Muir   Statics, Strength, Ductility, and the Uniform Force Method (paper not available)
2015 Chia-Ming Uang   What Seismic Steel Design Is All About (paper not available)
2016 Maria Garlock   Get Fired Up: What Structural Engineers Should Know About Fire Design (paper not available)