Partners in Education (PIE)


"Partners in Education" is an AISC Committee composed of structural and architectural educators, steel fabricators, consulting engineers and construction managers. The PIE Committee's mission and objectives are the catalysts of a campaign to forge productive interaction between steel fabricators and faculty of universities in their areas as well as increasing AISC's support and influence in civil engineering higher education.


Promote the long-term strength and vitality of structural steel education in universities and colleges to meet the need of society and nation.


  • That the entire steel construction industry conveys to Deans of Engineering and Civil Engineering Departments the importance of steel engineering education. Stress the mutuality of needs of universities and the steel construction industry.
  • That the undergraduate civil engineering curriculum have sufficient structural engineering content to ensure that future engineers understand the requirements necessary to provide safe and economical structures.
  • That the undergraduate curriculum in C.E. should make available a course in steel design.
  • That the faculty teaching structural engineering are familiar with the structural steel industry, including materials, metallurgy, design, and construction, to ensure that they can comfortable and enthusiastically teach steel design and conduct productive research.
  • That the steel construction industry acts as a catalyst with other components of the construction industry, including the practicing structural engineers, to ensure meaningful interaction by the industry with both structural educators and civil engineering students.
  • That members of the steel construction industry serve on C.E. Department advisory boards and urge legislators in their respective states to maintain a high level of funding and support for university engineering education.
  • That architectural students are exposed to sufficient design and construction so that future practicing architects can fully evaluate the merits of steel as a design medium.
  • That architectural faculty who teach structures and materials have sufficient knowledge in steel design and construction so that they can teach it effectively.

For More Information

To learn more about the implementation of these procedures, contact Nancy Gavlin.

The Partners in Education (PIE) committee consist of the following members:

Professor Tim Mrozowski, Chair
Professor Judy Liu, Vice Chair
Dr. Karl Frank
Professor Gary Fry
Professor Frank Hatfield
Professor Marc Hoit
Ms. Carol Post
Mr. Brian Quinn
Professor Patrick Tripeny
Ms. Marci Uihlein
Professor Ronald Ziemian

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