A Letter from Our President

Roger E. Ferch

Dear Visitor,

As a veteran of AISC conferences I’m amazed each year at how NASCC: The Steel Conference just keeps getting better, and this year’s show in Nashville was a tremendous success with the highest attendance ever! The event is AISC and the structural steel industry’s annual showpiece, and it wouldn’t be possible to expose the technologies and practices that will maintain the industry’s success in the future without the continuing support of AISC’s membership.

The support and participation of our membership has made it possible for AISC to continue to be the leader in structural-steel-related technical and market-building activities, including: specification and code development, research, education, technical assistance, quality certification, standardization and market development. Whether it’s volunteering on one of our many technical committees, participating in AISC events such as The Steel Conference and SteelDay, or paying annual dues, each and every member is helping us to achieve our mission and advance the industry, which benefits everyone from the fabricator to the engineer.

Here are just some of the exciting things that AISC and the industry have accomplished over the past year:

  • A new ASTM HSS specification, which has resulted in the production of improved hollow structural sections, making them easier to design and use. (Learn more at www.aisc.org/hss)

  • Recent research projects on floor vibrations that cut 30% vibration in the floor, developed by Tom Murray of Virginia Tech and AISC. We also have two projects underway that give engineers the ability to measure the stiffness of column bases, which will reduce the drift in their buildings.

  • AISC Certification has completed the conversion of all bridge fabricator participants to a standard-based bridge certification program, which replaces the previous checklist criteria – and a similar conversion began for erector applicants and participants in early 2015. The goal is to provide consistency, clarity and transparency to the program requirements and processes. (Learn more at www.aisc.org/certification)

AISC members also receive a wide range of benefits including discounts on publications, seminars, and advertising in Modern Steel Construction magazine, access to more than 30,000 pages of online technical information, discounts on certification for full members and more.

To learn more about AISC membership, visit www.aisc.org/membership or contact our membership services department at 312.670.2401 or membership@aisc.org.

Roger E. Ferch