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Find the 2014 proceedings (bio + full paper) below by clicking on a speaker's name. * denotes bio & presentation summary only.

 Opening Session
 National Steel Bridge Alliance Welcome  Roger Ferch
 Canadian Institute of Steel Construction Welcome  Ed Whalen
 The Golden Gate Bridge at 75  Kary Witt*
 Building Skewed and/or Curved Steel I-Girder Bridges - How Do They "Fit"
NSBA's New Guide to Skewed and/or Curved Steel I-Girder Bridge Fit  Ronnie Medlock*
Challenges of Designing a Highly Skewed Two-Span Continuous Steel Girder Bridge  Peter Mahally
Impact of Camber Calculations on Fit Responses in Straight Skewed I-Girder Bridges  Thanh Ngyuen
In-Service Evaluation of Steel Bridges
Gussett Plate Triage for Steel Trusses in Washington State   Patrick Gallagher
Evaluating the Fatigue Life of Steel Bridges Using Field Measurements   Jeremiah Fasl
Integral Abutment Bridge Data from Three Steel Girder Bridges   Scott Civjan
Developing Design-Build Proposals for Bridge Projects–Things I Learned the Hard Way
Lessons Learned: Design-Build Case Studies  Ken Price*
Preparing Design / Build Proposals - Lessons Learned  Mark Ennis*
Preparing Design / Build Proposals - Lessons Learned  Ken Wright*
Preparing Design / Build Proposals - Lessons Learned  Richard Dunne*
Cables in Bridges I
A Simpler Cable Stayed Bridge     Shankar Nair
The Amelia Earhart Network Tied Arch Bridge Frank Blakemore* 
Willapa Hills Trail Bridges - A Post -Tensioned Steel Truss Solution Doug Sarkkinen* 
Innovation in Steel: Design and Construction of the Deh Cho Bridge  Prabhjeet Raj Singh
Design of Long Span Plate Girder Bridges
Hurricane Deck Bridge Replacement over the Lake of the Ozarks  Martin Furrer 
US-34 Over the Missouri River: Design & Construction of a Haunched Steel Plate Girder w Substringer Bridge  Dusten Olds
Design and Construction of a Long Span Steel Plate I-Girder Bridge: I-270 Bridge Over Chain of Rocks Canal  Brandon Chavel 
Twin Tub Bridges - Changing the Fracture Critical Paradigm
Twin Tub Bridges - Assessing the FC Paradigm; The Owners' Perspective  Finn Hubbard*
Twin Tub Bridges - Assessing the FC Paradigm; Design for the Future  Rob Connor*
Clarification of Federal Policy on Redundancy and Fracture Critical Members in Steel Bridges  Brian Kozy*
All Things Metal - Updates on Developments in the Material Sciences
Qualifying WPSs to the New AWS/AASHTO D1.5 Bridge Welding Code  Duane Miller*
Resistance of Corrosion-Resistant Metalized Faying Surfaces Used with Slip-Critical Bolted Connections  Charles-Darwin Annan
Oregon's Second ASTM A1010 Bridge   Hormoz Serdaj
Mississippi River Crossings
A New Cable-Stayed Bridge Across the Mississippi River  Hans Hutton*
I-74 Mississippi River Bridge: A State-of-the-Art Design   Norm McDonald
Innovative Steel Arches over the Mississippi Utilizing ABC Technology  Vincent Gastoni
What's the "M" in BrIM - Modeling or Management
BrIM - Atlernative to Shop Assembly for Steel Bridges Ronnie Medlock* 
BrIM - Atlernative to Shop Assembly for Steel Bridges Karl Frank* 
Shear Connectors for Prefabricated, Modular Steel Bridge Systems
Strength and Fatigue Resistance of Clustered Shear Studs  Jason Provines 
Shear Connectors for Steel-Precast Composite Bridges  Scott Walbridge
New Structural Forms for Short-Span Bridges
An Innovative Solution for Small Span Bridges - Precobeam  Riccardo Zanon 
Folded Plate Girder Bridge System: A New Horizon for Short Span Bridges Atorod Azizinamini
More from Sessions B7 and B14
Development of a Shallow Press-Brake Formed Tub Girder for Short-Span Steel Bridges  Karl Barth
Mullica River Bridge - Analyzing for Redundancy During Rehabilitation/Renovation  Tom Fisher*
Iconic and Economic - Can You Have Both?
The New NY (Tappan Zee) Bridge: Why Steel Provided the Optimum Solution   Ken Wright
Life-Cycle Cost Design Basis for the New Port Mann Cable-Stayed Bridge  David Goodyear
Shenandoah River Bridge - Designing a Delta Jason Fuller*
Steel Bridge Erection - Lessons in Launching
Beauharnois Canal Bridge  Matthias Carter
Case Studies for Steel Bridge Erection: Conventional, Lateral Slides and Incremental Launching Matthew Bowser
Incremental Launch Method for Steel Truss Bridge Erection Jerry Pfuntner
Developments in Rail Bridge Design from Around the World
Weathering Railway Bridges in New Zealand  Peter Mulqueen 
Development of a Steel Modular Deck for Rail & Highway Bridges Duncan Paterson
Steel & Composite Bridges for High Speed Rail: Advanced Solutions for Challenging Designs Manuel Escamilla
Updated Bridge Certification Program: What Does It Mean for the Engineer?
Updated Bridge Certification Program: What Does it Mean for the Engineer   Jacques Cattan*
Quality and the Bridge Engineer  Shane Beabes*
Quality and the Bridge Engineer  Bert Parker*
Quality and the Bridge Engineer  Donald Yetter*
Using LRFD SIMON Software for Preliminary Design of a Curved, Haunched Steel Plate Girder Bridge  Tom Densford 
Redecking, Strengthening and Widening of a 380m Long Twin Truss Bridge in Toronto, Ontariao, Canada Edward Li
130th Street & Torrence Avenue Truss Railroad Bridge  Diane Campione
Practical, Technical and Legal Pitfalls of Steel Fabrication & Erection Tolerances that Exceed ASTM A6 Mill Tolerances John Bond
The Walterdale Bridge Replacement  Jim Montgomery
Canadian Fatigue Truck Calibration  Gilbert Grondin*
Construction of the Hardanger Bridge  Henning Schultz