2012 WSBS Proceedings


World Steel Bridge Symposium: 2012
co-located with NASCC: The Steel Conference
April 18-20, 2012 Grapevine, Texas

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For the first time, the WSBS joined with NASCC: The Steel Conference and together offered
more than 100 seminars and a 200+ booth exhibit hall.

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 Slides and audio the 2012 World Steel Bridge Symposium and from the 2012 NASCC: The Steel Conference are also available for viewing online.

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Opening Session
 NSBA Welcome  Roger Ferch 
 FHWA Welcome  Myint Lwin
 TxDOT Welcome  Gregg Freeby
 A Designer's Perspective on the Steel Bridge Industry (bio only)  Peter Taylor
 Analysis of Steel Bridges
Girder End Twist Prediction for Straight Skewed Steel Girder Bridges Craig Quadrato
AASHTO/NSBA G13.1, Guidelines for the Analysis of Steel Girder Bridge Analysis - A Synopsis Domenic Coletti
Guidelines for Analytical Methods and Erection Engineering of Curved and Skewed Steel Deck-Girder Bridges (bio only) Don White
Accelerated Bridge Construction
Accelerated Bridge Construction: Mass DOT I93 FAST 14 Case Study (bio only) Shoukry Elnahal
Ben Sawyer Bridge Rehabilitation - Out With The Old, In With The New Tim Noles
ABC Modular Bridge Project - Design and Construction Ahmad Abu-Hawash
The New Lake Champlain Bridge
The New Lake Champlain Bridge - Design (bio only) Ted Zoli
The New Lake Champlain Bridge - Erection (bio only) Steven Percassi
Orthotropic Steel Decks
Application of AASHTO Fatigue Design Provisions for Steel Orthotropic Bridge Decks Sougata Roy
FHWA's New Design Guide for Orthotropic Deck Bridges (bio only) Brian Kozy
New SIMON Software
Design of a 3-Span Plate Girder Using the New SIMON Software (bio only) Frank Russo
Bridge ideas from Abroad
Main Bridge Design and Construction Innovations of the Autoroute A-25 Project, Quebec Tom Spoth
Design and Construction of Double Composite Steel Tub Bridges in Spain Juan Sobrino
High Strength Steel Bridges: The European Experience Alessio Pipinato
Design of Plate Girders
IL-170 Over the Illinois River: Long-Span Steel Plate Girders Accomodate Tight Geometry Chris Stine
Lean on Bracing Design, Instrumentation and Construction (bio only) Michelle Romage-Chambers
Design of a Sharply Curved Steel Girder Bridge Serving Port Newark, NJ Preston Vineyard
Bridge Pot Pouri I
Effects of Stay-in-Place Deck Forms on the Behavior of Steel I-Girder Bridges During Construction Andres Sanchez
Evaluation of the Performance of Retrofit Measures for Distortion Induced Fatigue Using Finite Element Analysis Caroline Bennett
Digital Imaging Technology Facilitates Rehabilitation of 100 Year Old Truss (bio only) Steve Olson
Pedestrian Bridges
Spring Creek Pedestrian Bridge - A Brand New Historic Landmark Gregory Mines
Design and Construction of the Capilano Cliffwalk Bridges Kent Larose
Louisville Waterfront Park Phase III - Big Four Pedestrian Ramp Craig Finley
Steel Bridge Fabrication
Oregon's First ASTM A1010 Steel Plate Girder Bridge and Risk Management Hormoz Seradj
Keys to a Successful Bridge Fabrication Project - Waht the Designer Needs to Know (bio only) Ronnie Medlock
The Modern Steel Bridge Fabrication Shop (bio only) Karl Frank
BIM for Bridges - or is it BrIM?
BrIM for Design Lana Potapova
Build it Virtually First - The Custructability of the Little Bay Bridge (bio only) Chris DuBois
The Science and Art of Cold Bending
The Science of Cold Camber (bio only) Al Pense
The Art of Cold Cambering by Rolling (bio only) George Wendt
The Art of Cold Cambering by Mechanical Forming (bio only) Jim Collins
Tub Girder Bridges
Current Design Practices for Trapezoidal Steel Box Girders - A Case Study Gregory Kochersperger
Steel Tubs Over the Mississippi - Fair and Square Manjula Louis
Fracture Critical: Today and In The Future
Design for Launching and Owning a Curved 2-Girder Bridge Patrick Gallagher
Revisiting the Concept of Fracture Critical Bridges in the 21st Century (bio only) Rob Connor
Case Study of the Repair of a Twin Tub Girder Bridge (bio only) Kelly Kemp
Arch Bridges
An Innovative Tied Arch Solution to Spanning the Mississippi Gregory Hasbrouk
Design, Construction, and Structural Health Monitoriing of a Steel Arch Bridge Hussein Khalil
Bridge Pot Pouri II
Design and Construction of SR522/US2 Interchange 2-Girder Flyover Ramp Hongzhi Zhang
New Short Span Steel Bridge Standards (bio only) Karl Barth