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May 2016

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    • Register NOW for Steel Bridge Night School.
    • 25th NSSBC is Fast Approaching.
    • Team Completes Bridges to Prosperity Project in Lura, Panama.
    • Download the NSBA’s new Steel Span-to-Weight Curves.
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Register NOW for Steel Bridge Night School

AISC/NSBA’s new Night School course on steel bridge design, developed in conjunction with Purdue University consists of eight weekly webinar sessions lasting 90 minutes each (up to 12 PDHs available). The course starts Monday, June 6.

Night School takes the learning style of a traditional classroom setting and combines it with the delivery method of online webinars. The 8-session course meets weekly, allowing the presenter and attendees to dive deeper and explore concepts in greater detail than typical continuing education courses. Sessions are conducted live to allow interaction between attendees and presenters but are also available to listen to at a later date for those who register for the 8-session package. This gives the attendee flexibility to listen and learn at their convenience.

The course begins with an introduction to bridge engineering, covering topics such as bridge nomenclature and how to effectively read design drawings. Sessions become progressively more advanced, addressing topics such as AASHTO bridge design standards and load combinations. The specifics of steel in bridge construction will also be explored, as well as plate girder design and fabrication of steel. Finally, the course will cover such advanced topics as effects of curvature and skew, and design for fatigue and fracture. A full list of course titles is provided below. At completion participants will have developed a breadth of knowledge in steel bridge construction and an advanced knowledge of steel bridge design considerations.

    • Session 1: June 6 Intro to Bridge Engineering
    • Session 2: June 13 Intro and History of AASHTO Bridge Design
    • Session 3: June 20 Steel Material Properties
    • Session 4: June 27 Loads and Analysis
    • Session 5: July 11 Steel Bridge Fabrication
    • Session 6: July 18 Plate Girder Design and Stability
    • Session 7: July 25 Effects of Curvature and Skew
    • Session 8: August 1 Fatigue and Fracture Design

Each session is written and presented by experts on the topic. As stated by Bill McEleney, NSBA managing director, "this course not only suits the needs of engineers and engineering students without a bridge design background, but it also serves as a refresher course for experienced bridge designers.”

For a more detailed description of each session and to register for the course, go to www.aisc.org/nightschool.

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25th National Student Steel Bridge Competition is Fast Approaching


Team Completes Bridges to Prosperity Project in Lura, Panama

A 10-person team, facilitated by NSBA, has completed a bridge project in the community of Lura, Panama. NSBA fabricators, Hirschfeld Industries and Utah Pacific Bridge Company, worked with members of the design and engineering bridge community to construct a steel cable suspension bridge connecting the Lura community. The group lived and worked with a local workforce to accomplish this monumental task in under two weeks.

The low lying ground around the community is dry for much of the year but floods during the rainy season, making travel to neighboring communities difficult and dangerous. The community’s new bridge makes travel much safer and provides better access to food, water, medicine, and education.

Working as a team provided the group with a lasting cultural and team building experience. As Jeff Carlson, NSBA West Regional Director, said: “The sense of accomplishment, giving, and community that our team experienced is something that can’t be recreated. The two weeks we spent building the bridge formed bonds and relationships that will last a lifetime.”

To learn more about the Lura project please visit B2P’s facebook page at facebook.com/bridgestoprosperity

Bridges to Prosperity (B2P) is a not for profit organization that constructs rope bridges in communities all across the world. To date, the company has constructed over 200 bridges and in turn provided access to food, medicine, and jobs for communities that otherwise would go without. B2P believes it can change the fortunes of a community by simply providing a safe and reliable means of access through otherwise dangerous terrain. Bridges provide that access.

If you are interested in learning more about Bridges to Prosperity please contact Jeff Carlson, NSBA West Regional Director, at [email protected]

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Download the NSBA’s new Steel Span-to-Weight Curves

The latest NSBA resource, Steel Span Weight Curves, is now available for download through the NSBA website. The design aids are intended to be used during the very preliminary phases of design for evaluation of alternative framing schemes . The curves have been constructed from cost-effective conceptual solutions that NSBA has prepared. They represent the predicted pounds of steel per square foot for various span lengths and girder spacings for single spans, two spans, and three or more spans.

The weight of steel is represented in terms of square footage of bridge deck because a rough estimate of bridge deck area is typically known in the preliminary stages of design. By multiplying the value obtained from the chart by the total bridge deck area, a total steel weight is found. The designer or contractor can then consult the NSBA or a fabricator to obtain pricing to establish a preliminary estimate of superstructure cost.

To download: visit the www.steelbridges.org homepage.


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