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AISC Certification Programs for Fabricators and Erectors:

  • BU: Certified Building Fabricator (previously noted as acronym "STD")
  • SBR: Certified Bridge Fabricator - Simple
  • IBR: Certified Bridge Fabricator - Intermediate (Major)
  • ABR: Certified Bridge Fabricator - Advanced (Major)
  • CBR: Major Steel Bridges
  • CPT: Certified Component Manufacturer - Bridge 
  • CSEA: Certified Steel Erector (Advanced)
  • CSE: Certified Steel Erector 
  • ACSE: Advanced Certified Steel Erector

AISC Certification Endorsements:

  • SPE-P1: Sophisticated Paint Endorsement - Enclosed
  • SPE-P2: Sophisticated Paint Endorsement - Covered
  • SPE-P3: Sophisticated Paint Endorsement - Exposed
  • FCE: Fracture Critical Endorsement
  • BEE: Bridge Erection Endorsement
  • SEE: Seismic Erection Endorsement
  • MEE: Metal Deck Erection Endorsement

1 All facilities certified as Certified Bridge Fabricator - Intermediate (Major) automatically qualify for the Certified Bridge Fabricator - Simple category.

2 All facilities certified as Certified Bridge Fabricators - Advanced (Major) automatically qualify for both the Certified Bridge Fabricator - Simple & Intermediate (Major) categories.

3 CBR: Major Steel Bridges category is only listed as a reference to allow transportation departments additional time to update their standard specifications.

4 CSE: Certified Steel Erector (Advanced) uses the New Erector Requirements Criteria.

5 These checklist categories will be converted to the New Erector Requirements criteria by September 2017. Please note, All companies certified as ACSE: Advanced Certified Steel Erector automatically qualify for the CSE: Certified Steel Erector category.

6 All facilities certified as SPE-P1 are certified as SPE-P2 & P3. All facilities certified as SPE-P2 are certified as SPE-P3.