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New Edition of Selected ASTM Standards for Structural Steel Fabrication Now Available

November 05, 2008 From American Institute of Steel Construction

The 2008 edition of Selected ASTM Standards for Structural Steel Fabrication is now available from the American Institute of Steel Construction in paperback format for just $200 for members and $400 for non-members.

The AISC Standard for Steel Building Structures requires that all certified fabricators have a copy of all of the standards contained in this book. “Compiling these Standards is a great service to the structural steel industry,” explained Dan Kaufman, Manager of Operations for QMC, the company that administers and conducts certification audits for AISC. “If purchased individually from ANSI, these standards would cost $2,289.”

This important resource contains virtually all ASTM standards that apply in the design and construction of structural steel buildings and bridges.

The standards included are:

A 6/A 6M-08
A 29/A 29M-05
A 36/A 36M-08
A 53/A 53M-07
A 123/A 123M-08
A 153/A 153M-05
A 193/A 193M-08b
A 194/A 194M-08b
A 216/A 216M-07
A 242/A 242M-04e1
A 283/A 283M-03(2007)
A 307-07b
A 325-07a
A 354-07a
A 370-08a
A 384/A 384M-07
A 385-08
A 435/A 435M-90(2007)
A 449-07b
A 490-08a
A 500/A 500M-07
A 501-07
A 514/A 514M-05
A 529/A 529M-05
A 563-07a
A 568/A 568M-07a
A 572/A 572M-07
A 578/A 578M-07
A 588/A 588M-05
A 606-04
A 618/A 618M-04
A 668/A 668M-04
A 673/A 673M-07
A 706/A 1706M-08
A 709/A 709M-07
A 751-07a
A 759-00(2005)
A 770/A 770M-03(2007)
A 780-01(2006)
A 786/A 786M-05
A 847/A 847M-05
A 852/A 852M-03(2007)
A 913/A 913M-07
A 941-06a
A 992/A 992M-06a
A 1008/A 1008M-08
A 1011/A 1011M-08
A 1018/A 1018M-08
B 695-04
E 94-04
E 165-02
E 709-08
E 1032-06
F 436-07a
F 606-07
F 959-07a
F 1554-07a
F 1852-07
F 2280-08
F 2329-05
G 101-04

To purchase a copy of the book, please visit www.aisc.org/astm.

AISC offers member discounts for teaching aides and other publications and resources. For more information, please visit www.aisc.org/membership.

For more information contact:

Tasha O`Berski
Communications Department
(312) 670-5439
[email protected]


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