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AISC/SSPC Draft Certification Standard Available for Public Review and Comment

January 15, 2008 From American Institute of Steel Construction, Inc.

In April 2006, The American Institute of Steel Construction (AISC) and The Society for Protective Coatings (SSPC) announced formation of a joint committee with the goal of creating a single standard for shop painting structural steel. This joint committee invites public review and comment on a draft Certification Standard for Shop Application of Complex Protective Coating Systems (Enclosed, Covered, or Open Shop).

The draft certification standard will be available for a 45-day period of public review and comment beginning January 14, 2008 and concluding February 29, 2008. This review period provides individuals and organizations that may be affected by implementation of this standard with a valuable window of opportunity to share concerns and offer value enhancing suggestions and recommendations. Click here for a copy of the draft standard and click here instructions for submitting comments.

When complete, the Certification Standard for Shop Application of Complex Protective Coating Systems (Enclosed, Covered, or Open Shop) will support equivalent certification programs administered by both AISC and SSPC and which will supersede the current SPE and QP 3 programs. The standard describes requirements for certification of firms that shop apply complex painting systems. The jointly sponsored certification will confirm to owners, the design community, and the construction industry that a firm has knowledgeable personnel and the organization, experience, procedures, and equipment to provide surface preparation and application of complex painting systems in a shop facility according to contract specifications. Availability of this program is targeted for the second half of 2008. Until then, AISC will continue to offer its Sophisticated Paint Endorsement (SPE), and SSPC will continue to offer its QP 3 program.

Comments submitted by the public during the review period will be given full consideration by the joint committee developing this standard and used to prepare the final drafts of these documents for review and approval by the governing boards of AISC and SSPC.

For additional information about the AISC/SSPC joint program, call or write:

AISC Certification
One East Wacker Drive, Suite 700
Chicago, IL, 60601-1802
[email protected]

SSPC Shop Certification Program
40 24th Street, 6th Floor
Pittsburgh, PA, 15222
[email protected]

For more information contact:

Scott Melnick
VP of Communications
(312) 670-8314
[email protected]


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