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OSHA Revokes Slip Resistance Provision from Steel Erection Standard

January 18, 2006 From American Institute of Steel Construction, Inc.

The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) announced today that they are revoking the provision within the Steel Erection Standard that addresses slip resistance of the walking surfaces of coated structural steel members.

According to OSHA: "The ability to comply with the slip resistance provision depends upon two technical developments: completed industry protocols for slip testing equipment and the availability of suitable slip resistant coatings." However, OSHA added, "Rulemaking comments indicated that the test methods are not likely to be completed by the July effective date because ASTM will not have completed the required validation process. Comments also indicated that ASTM will likely withdraw the test methods altogether because they are brand-specific rather than generic. Lack of completed test methods has delayed the development of suitable slip resistant coatings. In addition, there has not be adequate testing of coatings to determine whether they have sufficient durability in the variety of applications in which they will be used, especially in corrosive environments."

AISC agrees with OSHA's position to withdraw the standard since without adequate and consistent measurement, which is not currently possible, any standards become meaningless. Stated AISC President Roger Ferch: "While AISC is a strong supporter of measures that improve the safety of steel erection, we opposed these provisions because there was no reliable method of testing available."

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