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New Guide Provides Design Information on Fire Resistance of Structural Steel Framing

February 06, 2004 From American Institute of Steel Construction, Inc.

Designers who need information on the fire resistance of structural steel framing can now consult a new Design Guide from the American Institute of Steel Construction, Inc.

“Design Guide 19: Fire Resistance of Structural Steel Framing” provides invaluable information on both prescriptive and engineered fire protection. The Guide covers:

    • Building Code Requirements;
    • Fire Tests; Rated Designs;
    • Fire Protection Materials (including gypsum, masonry, concrete, spray-applied
      systems, mineral fiberboard, and intumescent coatings);
    • Fire protection for steel columns;
    • Fire protection for steel roof and floor systems;
    • Fire protection for steel trusses; and
    • Engineered fire protection.

Designers can use the Guide to obtain information on different fire protection materials and systems, as well as a basis for performance-based fire design. The 123-page Guide contains more than 60 pages of reference tables on everything from surface perimeters and areas to test results of various fire protection materials.

The Guide can be purchased for $39 ($26 for AISC members) plus s/h from www.aisc.org or by calling 800.644.2400. The book also can be downloaded from AISC’s website for $39 (no charge to AISC members). In addition, AISC has a number of free resources related to fire and structural steel that can be accessed by visiting www.aisc.org/fire.

Other recent Design Guides available from AISC include: “High Strength Bolts—A Primer for Structural Engineers,” “AISC Rehabilitation and Retrofit Guide,” and “Staggered Truss Framing Systems.” For more information on Design Guides and other publications from AISC, visit www.aisc.org.

For more information contact:

Scott Melnick
VP of Communications
(312) 670-8314
[email protected]

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