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AESS Guidelines Now Available For Free Download

May 08, 2003 From American Institute of Steel Construction, Inc.

A comprehensive guideline called Architecturally Exposed Structural Steel is available for download by clicking HERE.

The 16-page guideline helps designers communicate the desired appearance of Architecturally Exposed Structural Steel (AESS) in a format that allows contractors to price/budget/bid more appropriately. It was compiled by the Steel Liaison Committee of the Structural Engineers Association of Colorado (SEAC/RCSCA) and the Rocky Mountain Steel Construction Association, along with input from local architects and contractors.

The guideline addresses and further clarifies existing codes and standards, which do not fully cover the unique level of detail needed to successfully design, detail, fabricate and erect AESS. Failure to communicate this information can lead to improper budgeting for AESS projects, which may result in redesign, project delays and excessive project costs.

The guideline includes three key elements:

Sample Board: The sample board includes small pieces of fabricated structural steel that represent the range of finishing techniques for AESS. This allows the designer to choose among the various fabrication techniques to achieve a desired look of the finished project by comparing and contrasting pieces with proper fabrication techniques against bare steel with fabrication defects.

Cost Matrix: The matrix helps balance project budget with project scope and provides designers with the cost associated with specifying techniques to achieve the desired appearance of the AESS. The cost premiums noted in the guideline apply to the total weight of the fabricated and erected AESS for that particular line item, and were prepared by surveying fabricators in the Rocky Mountain region and across the country. This helps designers to balance project budget with the project scope.

Specification: The SEAC/RCSCA prepared a generic specification that includes many common fabrication and erection techniques to help designers communicate expectations to the fabricator in a common language. The specification headings coordinate with the line times from the cost matrix and sample board to provide a consistent mechanism to define appearance quality requirements specified by the designer.

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