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Supplement No. 1 to the ASD Specification [INACTIVE]

July 03, 2002 From AISC, Inc.

The first supplement to the Specification for Structural Steel Buildings, Allowable Stress Design and Plastic Design (ASD Specification) dated June 1, 1989, is now available in print and on the AISC web site for free downloading.

This new supplement (approved December 17, 2001) is a limited supplement that updates the 1989 document, focusing on safety-related issues. Some of the revisions included are as follows: updated code and specification references and the inclusion of new materials, such as ASTM A913 and A992; new filler metal toughness and shape material toughness criteria for certain conditions; the deletion of explicit loading requirements, other than by reference to the governing building code and ASCE 7; and reduced design wall thickness for hollow structural sections produced by the electric- resistance-welding method.

Supplement No. 1 has been approved by both the International Codes Council and the National Fire Protection Association and will appear in their respective building codes in their 2003 editions.

The limited nature of this supplement is in anticipation of a complete integration of ASD with LRFD criteria within a single AISC Specification in 2005. For more comprehensive coverage of provisions that have evolved since 1989 for all aspects of the design of structural steel buildings, such as shear lag, stability bracing, evaluation of existing structures, and fatigue criteria, see the 1999 Load and Resistance Factor Design Specification for Structural Steel Buildings.

The ASD Supplement No. 1 is available as a free download at http://www.aisc.org/freedownloads or can be purchased for $15 ($10 for AISC members) by calling 800-644-2400.

For more information contact:

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