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AISC Announces New Certification Program for Bridge and Highway Metal Component Manufacturers

January 6, 2009 From American Institute of Steel Construction

AISC would like to announce the new Certification Program for Bridge and Highway Metal Component Manufacturers. The “Component Standard” provides a means for component manufacturers to confirm to owners, the design community and the construction industry that a certified manufacturing firm has the personnel, organization, experience, procedures, knowledge, equipment and commitment to produce components of the quality required for normal bridge and highway construction.

What should you know about this new standard? The Component Standard describes certification requirements for facilities that manufacture and supply specific components composed primarily of metal to bridge and highway construction projects. These facilities have quality management systems with defined functions and responsibilities. The scope of this new certification does not include installation, or erection of the components.

The quality management system of these manufacturing facilities (not products) is certified. The certification should not be interpreted as a product inspection of components. Certification includes all functions of manufacturing and providing components from receipt of contract through final delivery. To maintain certification status, the manufacturer shall follow its quality management system, regardless of whether the requirement for this certification is in contract documents, and shall supply and be responsible for the entire component.

The certification program is open to all manufacturers of components covered by this standard, regardless of size and regardless of AISC membership status.

Who may become Certified to this standard? Certification to the Component Standard is appropriate for manufacturers of components that include bracing not designed for primary loads (diaphragms, cross frames and lateral bracing); camera, light, sign and signal support structures; bridge rail; stairs; walkways; grid decks; drains; scuppers; expansion joints; bearings; ballast plates; and mechanical movable bridge equipment. Manufacturers of camera, light, sign and signal support structures; high mast light towers; bridge rail; complex expansion joints; high load multi-rotational (HLMR) bearings; and mechanical movable bridge equipment shall also meet specific supplemental requirements to this standard.

Why you should be interested in the new Certification program? The Certification Standard for Bridge and Highway Metal Component Manufacturers offers assistance to manufacturing and transportation professionals and to owners in assessing manufacturers’ capability to satisfy component quality needs. It is anticipated that the Bridge Component Manufacturer Certification program will provide a valuable means for qualifying firms and serve as an effective way for steel bridge fabricators and manufacturers participating in the program to communicate their commitment and capability with respect to quality.

When will the Component Program be implemented? The bridge component standard has been finalized and is now available to the industry.

For more information on the program and to download the standard, please visit http://www.aisc.org/content.aspx?id=17906.  More information on AISC Certification can be found at www.aisc.org/certification.

If you have any questions regarding the Component Standard or AISC Certification in general, please call (312) 670-7520 or email [email protected]



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