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Per Tveit to Keynote 2009 World Steel Bridge Symposium

July 27, 2009 from American Institute of Steel Construction

(Chicago, IL) – Per Tveit, professor emeritus of Agder University in Norway and the world’s leading expert on network arches, will keynote the 2009 World Steel Bridge Symposium. Scheduled for November 17-20 at the Henry B. Gonzalez Center in San Antonio, the WSBS will feature more than 60 technical presentations from top industry leaders, networking activities, and tradeshow exhibits highlighting state-of-the-art products and services from the steel bridge industry.

More than 600 bridge owners, designers, contractors, and policy makers are expected at this year’s WSBS, the nation’s largest steel bridge conference. In addition to the education program, more than 75 exhibitors are to show the latest products and software for steel bridges.

This year’s symposium kicks off with a keynote address by Per Tviet, titled “Genesis and Development of the Network Arch Bridge Concept.” The network tied arch, with sloping hangers, is an improvement on the traditional tied arch (with vertical hangers), reducing demand in the arch by up to 75% with a significant savings in structural steel and providing an improved redundancy. According to Tveit: “Optimal network arches are arch bridges where some hangers cross other hangers at least twice. When the arches are less than 18m apart, the tie should be a concrete slab with partial longitudinal prestress. The arches should be universal columns or American wide flanges. Network arches are best suited for spans between 80m and 170m, but will compete well in a wider range of spas. This results in attractive bridges that do not hide the landscape behind them. A network arch bridge is likely to remain the world’s most slender tied arch bridge.”

Educational programs will include case studies featuring modular and accelerated bridge construction; analytical methods; restoration, rehabilitation, and reuse; fabricating, constructing, and erecting; curved and skewed bridges; signature bridge designs; inspection and maintenance. There will be additional half day workshops on modular and accelerated construction and bridge coatings systems.

The symposium will also highlight the NSBA’s Prize Bridge Awards, biannually honoring the most innovative steel bridges in the U.S. More information on the competition can be found at www.steelbridges.org/prizebridge.  

WSBS registration and housing will open on August 10, 2009. For registration updates and more information on the symposium, please visit www.steelbridges.org/wsbs. For more information on available sponsorship and exhibit opportunities, please contact Jody Lovsness at [email protected] or 402/758-9099.




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