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AISC launches ‘AISCshapes’ for easy online searching in latest Shapes Database (V13.1.1)

September 4, 2009 from American Institute of Steel Construction

(Chicago, IL) – The American Institute of Steel Construction (AISC) offers a new online interface, called AISCshapes, for engineers and architects to easily search shapes and dimensional properties in AISC’s updated Shapes Database (V13.1.1). The Shapes Database has undergone several improvements, including the addition of detailing dimensions for all shapes and Sz values for single angles.

AISCshapes is an interactive tool that can quickly narrow down to a number of shapes in the AISC Shapes Database V13.1.1, based on a search that satisfies a series of dimensional choices. It's accessible to AISC members at no charge at www.aisc.org/AISCshapes.

The AISC Shapes Database V13.1.1 replaces V13.0 and provides electronic access to dimensions and properties of W-, M-, S-, and HP-shapes, channels (C- and MC-shapes), angles (L- and 2L-shapes), tees (WT-, ST-, and MT-shapes), hollow structural sections (HSS) and pipe (P, PX and PXX), as given in the AISC Steel Construction Manual, 13th Edition. U.S. customary and metric units are included.

The historic version of the AISC Shapes Database (V13.1H) has also been updated and provides electronic access to dimensions and properties of shapes published in the AISC Manual since the 5th Edition, and shapes from before that era as originally published in the book Iron and Steel Beams 1873-1952 (the predecessor to AISC Design Guide 15, AISC Rehabilitation and Retrofit Guide). This database is the compilation of all of the structural steel shape dimensions and properties recorded by AISC from years 1873 to 2001.

The AISC Shapes Database V13.1.1 and V13.1H are both available as an online download at www.aisc.org/shapesdatabase and are free for members. Non-members can purchase them for $20 each at AISC's bookstore.  


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