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Design Guide 22 Now Available

August 27, 2008 From American Institute of Steel Construction

Structural engineers working with building facades have a valuable new resource: AISC Design Guide No. 22, Façade Attachments to Steel-Framed Buildings by James C. Parker, P.E. The publication from the American Institute of Steel Construction addresses the design of façade attachments to steel-framed buildings, as well as the structural elements that receive loads from façade attachments. It also addresses consideration and coordination of tolerances and reviews several common façade systems that are used in building construction.

“Structural engineers will find this to be an essential and practical resource when designing the interface between the façade system and a steel structure,” explained Cynthia Duncan, AISC director of engineering. “The information in this design guide will help designers and constructors alleviate problems that occur when façade attachments and supporting structures are not properly designed, detailed, and constructed.”

As described in the introduction of the publication, the objective of the design guide is to assist the practicing engineer in achieving economical slab edge details for steel frames that are structurally sound, durable, and accommodating of the performance requirements of the façade system.

Design Guide 22 discusses façade system fundamentals and building performance issues that influence attachment design, and provides example details of various façade systems, including masonry cavity wall systems with concrete-block or steel-stud back-up, precast-concrete wall panels, aluminum curtain walls with glass and/or metal panels, glass-fiber-reinforced concrete panels and other lightweight panels, and exterior insulation-and-finish-system panels. It also gives design examples for the various systems.

This new design guide is available as a free download to AISC members from www.aisc.org/ePubs. An ePubs subscription is part of AISC's member benefits packages and includes access to more than 10,000 pages of AISC publications in electric format. AISC also provides freePubs for all of its website visitors. The freePubs section comprises AISC’s technical resources such as specifications and codes, and Modern Steel Construction magazine articles.

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