How To Download
Engineering Journal Articles

AISC Web site visitors may now search for and download all 38 years worth of Engineering Journal Articles from the Bookstore of the recently redesigned AISC Web site. With topics ranging from Anchor Bolts to Yield-Line Analysis, over 900 technical articles are available in PDF format for free download.

What you need to start:

Step-By-Step Instructions:

  1. Article Search: Visit Find an article you wish to download, searching by either Topic (eg: Anchor Bolts), Author (eg: Carter), or Date (eg: 2002 – Q1). Click “Search.â€
  2. Search Results: Results of your search appear on the screen.  Click on the name of the article you wish to read.
  3. Article Description: This screen shows a description of the article, including the publish date, author and abstract.  Click “Add to Shopping Cart.â€
  4. Shopping Cart:  Click on “Login†on this screen.
  5. Login: Enter your Member ID or email address and Password.  Click “Login.â€
  6. Welcome: If you are recognized as a current member, this screen will say “Welcome AISC Memberâ€.  Click “Return to the store.â€
  7. Shopping Cart:  For members, the member price of $0.00 is now shown for the article.  Non members pay $10 per download. Click on “Proceed with Checkout.â€
  8. Checkout: Click “Complete Order.â€
  9. Receipt: The next screen is your acknowledgement.  Click “Click Here to Access the Articleâ€.  You will also receive an email from the Web site acknowledging your “purchase.â€
  10. My Articles: All the articles you download are stored in your personal “My Articles†section for 90 days each.  Click on the name of an article to open it in Acrobat Reader.  Articles may be read and printed online, or you may save them to your desktop by clicking the “Save†icon. 

Questions? Problems? Contact AISC at [email protected].