Design Guides → Design Guide 23: Constructability of Structural Steel Buildings

Design Guide 23: Constructability of Structural Steel Buildings
Author: DAVID I. RUBY, P.E., S.E.

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Constructability as a design concept can be the initial step in the integration of the process of steel design, fabrication and installation, and will enable the design professional to develop creative solutions and bring enhanced value to the client. Design Guide 23 outlines the fundamentals of constructability and offers suggestions on implementation of the concept. The design guide discusses constructability as a design philosophy that positions the structural engineering profession to be a continuing asset to the construction community through the integration of planning, design and construction throughout the concept development, design/BIM and construction processes. Specific areas that are covered relative to constructability include: early involvement, the design process, issues related to the structural steel framing, detailing and fabrication, steel erection, and special constructability issues (e.g., anchorage to concrete, camber, and tolerances).