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Steel Construction Manual, 14th Ed., Fourth Printing (Digital/Hardbound Combo)

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Product Description

Online Purchase Only

Please read the information provided below, in its entirety, before making your purchase.

In response to industry requests, AISC is augmenting its classic Steel Construction Manual with a Digital Edition. Also note that the Digital Edition allows for unlimited cut/paste and printing.

The Digital Manual can be downloaded for use by one individual on up to six devices. This means you can simultaneously load the file on your desktop, laptop, tablet, and any other compatible device -- but once you've loaded the file six times, you can no longer download additional copies and existing copies cannot be transferred to alternate machines. Therefore, we strongly recommend that you reserve some of your downloads in case you purchase a new computer. Also remember that you have purchased a digital file for your use and all applicable copyright laws apply.

The Digital Manual requires each device to be loaded with software that can read an Adobe ePub file. Examples of free readers include: Adobe Digital Editions (PC and Mac), Alkido (Android), and Bluefire Reader (iOS).

Because very limited technical support is available, we recommend you specifically follow the installation directions below. Also, please note that while the Digital Manual has been tested on a desktop PC, an iPad2, and several Android tablets and phones running Honeycomb, the wide range of devices currently available precludes testing on all devices. However, if an ePub reader will run on your device, the Digital Manual should work.

Step 1:
Visit and establish a user account. There is no cost to register and your Adobe username and password are needed to use an ePub reader and to access the Digital Manual.

Step 2:
Download an ePub reader (note: Adobe Acrobat Reader and Adobe Acrobat Pro are not ePub readers). Free ePub readers include, but are not limited to:

Step 3:
Once you have successfully completed checkout, you will be provided, both on screen and via email, your custom link to download the Digital Edition.
It may directly download or you may be asked which program you'd like to use to download the file. If asked, choose your ePub reader.
(Note for Android users: The download may not work with the default browser in some Android devices. If it doesn't, it's recommended you download the Firefox browser from the Android marketplace and download the file using that browser.)

Step 4:
Open your ePub reader and click on the cover of the Digital Manual.

Step 5:

Finally, please be aware that electronic documents may not be returned for refund or credit.

Professional and Affiliate Members are limited to 2 of each manual format at the member price, per edition.

Steel Construction Manual, 14th Ed., Fourth Printing (Hardbound)

Steel Construction Manual, 14th Ed., Fourth Printing (Digital)