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Yield Line Analysis of a Web Connection in Direct Tension
Author: Kapp, Richard

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Yield line analysis is a tool for the design of plates, whether they be concrete slabs,1 steel grids,2 box columns3 or the webs of rolled members.4 This paper is prepared to help fill a void in connection design involving the transfer of tension to the web of a beam or column. The connections discussed here are: a welded plate (Fig. 1a), a bolted Tee connection (Fig. 1b), and a bolted Tee connection with reinforcing (Fig. 1c). One conservative analysis is made by Blodgett3 for the Fig. 1a connection. These three connection types are used for light bracing. The usual design procedure is to size the connection and assume the tension transfer. This paper will show, however, that the member web may not be adequate to carry the tension. Checking the web should be a standard design procedure. If a web is inadequate or cannot be economically reinforced, some other connection type should be selected by the designer.