Steel Supported Masonry Walls
Author: Soltis, Lawrence A.; Tuan,Young-Bee

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Structural steel beams and columns are often used to support masonry walls subjected to transverse and axial loads. Warehouse and gymnasium type buildings often have large floor-to-ceiling heights, such that allowable masonry wall heights are exceeded. Steel framing, tied to the masonry wall by shear connections, tie bars or other devices, works compositely with the wall to resist flexural and compressive loads. Standard design practice considers the steel framing as a plane grid or as simply supported framing providing lateral support to the wall. The lateral load on the contributory wall area is assumed to be transmitted directly to the steel framing. Composite action is often neglected. This study considers the steel framing stiffness requirements for composite action to stiffen non-bearing masonry walls subjected to transverse loading.